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[WIP] .2DM editor

Discussion in 'TDU2 - Mod Tools & Support' started by kmix-rider, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. kmix-rider

    kmix-rider Member

    Read 2DM
    Build 2DM

    Finally decided to make a gui editor rather than a file viewer. To keep modder understand what they do and to automatically rebuild files. Stay tunned. This part may be long. But we are really near the release.
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  2. kmix-rider

    kmix-rider Member

    ok guys just found that materials can have, also propreties list, but params. Also found that I moved from 2 bits the propreties name witch caused wrong names.

    repack successfully work but I want to be sure to read all the file data before releasing
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  3. MagicV8

    MagicV8 Well-Known Member

    Drivers Paradise
    Great, that you are working on this, thank you for your effort :tup:
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  4. kmix-rider

    kmix-rider Member

    File structure found for the moment

    <var name='version' type='ushort' must_equals='4' />
    <unu size='6'/>
    <var name='fileSize' type='ulong' />
    <var name='fileType' type='uchar' size='8' must_equals='.2DMMATA' />
    <unu size='4' />
    <var name='footerOffset' type='ulong' />
    <var name='unknow1' type='ulong' must_equals='16' />
    <var name='HASH' type='uchar' size='4' must_equals='HASH' />
    <unu size='4' />
    <var name='matnum' type='ulong' operation='($matnum-16)/16'/>
    <var name='matnum2' type='ulong' operation='($matnum-16)/16' must_equals='$matnum' />

    <repeat '$matnum' marq='#'>
    <var name='Material#.name' type='uchar' size='8'/>
    <var name='Material#.offset' type='ulong'/>
    <unu size='4'/>

    <repeat '$matnum' in_order='$Material#.offset' marq='#'>
    <var name='Material#.header' type='uchar' size='4' must_equals='MAT.'/>
    <unu size='4'/>
    <var name='Material#.unknow1' type='ulong'/>
    <var name='Material#.unknow2' type='ulong' must_equals='$Material#.unknow1'/>
    <var name='Material#.offname' type='uchar' size='16'/>
    <var name='Material#.fullname' type='uchar' size='32'/>
    <var name='Material#.headerUnknow' type='uchar' size='128'/>

    <repeat '4' marq='&'>
    <var name='Material#.color&.r' type='float'/>
    <var name='Material#.color&.g' type='float'/>
    <var name='Material#.color&.b' type='float'/>
    <var name='Material#.color&.a' type='float'/>

    <unu size='12'/>
    <var name='Material#.numpropreties' type='ushort'/>

    <repeat '$Material#.numpropreties' marq='&'>
    <var name='Material#.proprety&.paramtype' type='uchar' size='8'/>
    <var name='Material#.proprety&.paramname' type='uchar' size='8'/>
    <var name='Material#.proprety&.unknow' type='uchar' size='16'/>

    <var name='Material#.unknowfooter' type='uchar' size='until next or $footerOffset'/>

    <var name='footer' type='uchar' size='until filend' print />

    <!-- var name='gap' type='uchar' size='until %16' -->

    if anyone want to work on it also here what I've found so far.
    I continue working on my way.

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