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Which car should i get?

Discussion in 'Showroom' started by ShadowGT, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. ShadowGT I <3 Boobies!

    Melbourne, Australia
    (Only Aussies can really answer this)

    Next year in January i turn 18 & am going for my license but i don't know what car to buy once i have my license?

    I kinda like the convertible Ford Capri & i could easily pick one up for about 5 or 6 grand. (P.S i am aware the picture is a mercury capri, it's the same car in Aus but with a ford badge)

    But i also wouldn't mind a Ford falcon ute (my sister drives a falcon EL XR6 ute) i could get a older model Falcon ute but that could be costly since ute's seem to be very popular at the moment.

    So should i go with the capri which is cheaper but possibly harder to find or should i save up & try & look for a Falcon ute?
  2. mclaren8080

    mclaren8080 New Member

    im not from ausi but i think u should get the capri.
  3. Hayness

    Hayness Got boost?

    Melbourne - Aus
    Eek nar dont get a Capri, your young and like racing games, time to get your hands on SR20DE Nissan Silvia with a manual gearbox, rear wheel drive is the way to go young one but I am largely biased hehe. If I didnt get a Jap turbo I prob would have gone a cheapy like a 1992 Toyota Corolla preferably with the 4AGE engine it, they're tough I hear.

    Honestly theres few convertibles I like, and a $6,000 one is definitly not one of them. Utes are good but if your not going to use the tray then whats the point. Regardless, anything is better than a Capri.

    Best thing to do is join Australian forums for different car sites. www.nissansilvia.com -www.ozhonda.com - www.toymods.net. You will learn SO much from sites like these especially if you're somewhat of a car enthusiast.

    Once all is said and done its your choice on what to get and it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks, in the end a car is still just a car.
  4. Glanzarog

    Glanzarog Dumpster Boy

  5. ShadowGT

    ShadowGT I <3 Boobies!

    Melbourne, Australia
    thanks but this will be my first car so i'm not really gonna have alot of money to spend so a silvia is probably out of the question. Anyway our family are big Ford supporters so my dad would possibly disown me if i didn't get a ford hehe:)
  6. Weeksy

    Weeksy Cruising at a slow speed.

    I'm from australia new south wales, Anywoo your going for you full, get a car that's 'good' that you can afford but than what ever money you have left after you should keep and save up to buy a better car. (HOLDEN RULES)
  7. UltimoImperio

    UltimoImperio Drum and Bass Addict

    Adelaide, Australia
    What about an old Celica SX, I'm sure you can get a late 80's one for about 5 grand.
    They have a fair bit of power and I'm sure they don't exceed the 18 year old horsepower limit, well I'm not really sure how old you are but if you aren't 18 they still have heaps of power.

    But I guess your dad wouldn't like you to have a Toyota when your family are ford supporters, anyway, the Ford Capri would be a very good choice.

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