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What's up with the attitude problems among Brittish?

Discussion in 'TDU1 - Xbox 360' started by MrColonist, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. MrColonist

    MrColonist Upcomming drifter

    Sweden, Sundsvall

    I've been playing TDU since last Monday and I've been having a great time with all kinds of people who are nice and such. The game is a blast playing online, especially after I got hardcore mode, sometimes I find guys who also have hardcore mode and is into drifting and we go drifting together without even knowing eachother.

    That's just great!

    Now before you go all crazy over the attitude, I'm not pushing every Brit over the same edge, no no, I met this other Brit who I now got on my friendlist and we drifted some today etc. he was really calm and relaxed guy.

    So, as I was saying, I really enjoy the community, but how come that there are ONLY Brittish guys who are being total assholes? I'm not the ignore type of guy, so I usually stay at the same spot drifting around as usual and listening to their insults about my accent and etc. Though I do not try to escalade the whole situation, usually I just sit and listen, maybe laugh about it too, or tell them off. But I'm never getting aggrevated over it.

    Every single fella I met at TDU has been nice, bust most Brits I've met has been total assholes.

    Like this one day I was racing around the Oahu Raceway in a green Camaro, and there were like four-five Brits doing some laps at the track by motorbikes, since my car was a lot slower I tried to let them pass all the time. But this one guy among the group of Brits was laggy, and I never see him crash into me, but he used some very vulgare language swearing over my green car.

    He basically told me to F-off and told his friend's how f-ing annoyed he was by my f-ing green car.

    But I didn't mind him and just continued to drive around the track. But these Brits stopped at the last turn all the time, and my green Camaro had a hard time trying to steer away from four bikes that were parked all over the road.

    And everytime I went pass them, they begun racing again, and everytime they begun racing, they caught up on me, and everytime the caught up on me, this guy sweared all about me all the time.

    Eventually I had enough when he said "This f-ing green car is all over the track and can't f-ing drive" and told him "Shut up, I can drive" in a rather ironic and friendly way. (Yes, it's true)

    That's when he went overboard and just threw insult after insult at me telling me to f-off and get off the track. I told him to simply calm down and I'm just here to have a good time.

    What's up with that?

    Today I met a Brit in a Saleen who constantly crashed into me. Then he asked me something like "Do you know how to do the eight trick?" or something, but I couldn't understand at first what he was saying, not because of language issues, but because it sounded like he breathed into the mic as he was talking.

    I told him I didn't know what he was saying, eventually a friend of him came up and he asked his friend the same thing. His friend showed him how to do it, so I thought "oh, I might as well go check it out, because I wanna know what it was all about", so I went to the big turn at Oahu raceway and this Saleen guy started to ram into me. I told him to quit it but he immidiatly turned out to be a real a$$.

    He complained at my accent and such, tried to insult me with "your mother" jokes and called me a "German". Well, I thought it all was pretty silly, so I didn't get aggrevated at all. Though I did talk to both of them, but they were both arrogant and insultive all the time.

    Eventually I left because my dad was going to watch Formula 1.

    Now I'm sitting here and is pretty darn tired of the attitude problems among all of the Brits (except a few) that I've met on TDU. These were only two examples, I've had about four occasions when this happend, and everytime there have been more than one Brit.

    Also, I'm not a person who pushes everyone over the same edge because something one person does. So if there is any Brittish fella on this forum which I take for granted - don't be offended, if you're not one of these guys, then you're fine and I'll be glad to drift or just cruise with ya one day!

    Anyone else had problems with these type of people?

    PS. I know "ignoring" is the solution to most thing on the internet. So no need to tell me!
  2. Marc_CRX

    Marc_CRX Tail End Out!!

    Belfast, Northern Ireland
    70/80% Of the people on this Forum are British ;)
  3. FA430RGT

    FA430RGT Hoods and Alley-ways..

    Shouldn't make a difference if he wishes to say something (espeically like this) we should answer (I'm not slating you or anything)... All I can advise mate is adding me and I'll soon be riding on TDU again so you can stick with me! A reasonable, relaxed and .. (something nice begininng with "R").. I personally find American's to be complete twats but i'm sure there are plently of Ill - mouthed Brits too..
  4. Baldy

    Baldy Wibble Wobble

    Lancashire, UK
    I'm a nice brit (i think) so add me as i'm bound to be crusing around on tdu again soon.
  5. craigie

    craigie I have the...

    i'm nice too :D

    its the americans that annoy me :mad:

    i love swedish people :).....ikea, swatch, chocolate :D:D:D
  6. Spazshane

    Spazshane Casual Insomnic Driver

    South Carolina
    i have seen some annoying people but i don't think they all are, hell if seen more annoying American people and i'm American.
    So i guess it evens out
  7. Mr AnalFace

    Mr AnalFace New Member

    From my experience (I'm neither american nor british), the British think all Americans are bumholes and the other way around. I find when I'm cruising around that it seems that Americans who may be really nice in other situations, have a really short temper when dealing with British, and the other way around.
  8. ShadowGT

    ShadowGT I <3 Boobies!

    Melbourne, Australia
    It's all about the stereotypes that gets people worked up imo. Americans think all brits are posh tea-sipping people who speak like there better then everyone else, while brits think all americans live in trailer parks & have incest with there sisters or brothers or whatever. Hell i've even had people ask me if i live in the outback & if i have kangaroo's & koalas roaming through my backyard (i live in the suburbs BTW). Stereotyping is a major cause of alot of this anger IMO lol
  9. MrColonist

    MrColonist Upcomming drifter

    Sweden, Sundsvall
    I'm glad ya'll took this thread the right way and didn't feel offended. I know there are a lot of cocky people from Sweden over the internet too. In fact, I don't play a lot with swedish people because of their behaivor. Constantly wanting to discuss things even though they can't and such, it's just annoying.

    It's true what they say, there are bad people in every culture. I guess I'm unfortune enough to have met too many bad Brittish people.
  10. YeOldeTDUMan

    YeOldeTDUMan working too much

    Well I hope I'm a nice Brit. I have to admit I usually get insults from some Americans, most taking the mike out of the way I talk (being a cor blimey guv'nor Essex bloke) and sometimes for no apparent reason. I either stay silent and ignore them or just jump to the map to lose them and join a new session.

    Feel free to add me to your friends list .... I might actually play TDU tonight for bit ... need a break from Forza2
  11. Nodz86

    Nodz86 ____________

    Essex, England
    You can add me aswell if you want, I'm also from Essex, I think I'm ok.

    I think Shadow GT summed it up well and as you wrote in your second post there are bad people in every culture.

    I see alot of these topics on the Gamefaqs boards and they normally turns into sterotyping and arguements about who spells words correctly, who has the most annoying accent and goes through history slating what each other have done just trying to prove who has the better country, So it is actually nice to see a topic like this that hasn't gone that way and proves that there is alot of nice Brits out there, but if this was posted on Gamefaqs you would be thinking the opposite and probably hate us even more.

    Also with the swearing a few Brits use it as freindly banter and jokes but do not mean it to insult others by it. Others its just the way the talk and use it everyother word and also don't mean it. But if it is aimed directly towards you and you have not done nothing wrong just give them bad rep and avoid them.
  12. Nipper

    Nipper \/ The REAL TDUCk \/

    most americans are annoying, in the same way that most brits are annoying (johansen, baldy, and some others, remember that brit on TDU that one night?? LOL)

    anyway, i have never met a European person (not brit)(apart from french) that i havent gotten on well with, i think it boils down to individual people TBH, regardless of location.

    Me and Johansen get on really well, we are from completely different backgrounds, if i was American (or whatever) im pretty sure we would get along just fine.

    Sorry for the rant lol, but im trying to point out its not regions that makes us what we are, its us that make us like we are.

    i give everyone a chance on LIVE, unless they insult me directly/talk to me like im stupid or whatever, then they get an insult corresponding to their location LOL

    I think that made sense somewhere??
  13. Hamann M6

    Hamann M6 Epic post whore

    Oxford, England
    like everyone else has pretty much said, im a friendly brit, feel free to add me!! just dont add baldred!!!! he hates everyone!!! mainly the swedish!!! lol, he doesnt really, hes a very nice guy!! im on forza 2 mainly, so as tim westwood might say, "holla atcha boyy big doog BOOOOM" haha
  14. Nige

    Nige Buy American ....

    Calgary, AB
    I mainly find that the Yanks are rude and ignorant and the Brits are alright but I'm a Brit so I guess I would say that.
    #14 Nige, Jun 18, 2007
    Last edited by Nige: Jun 18, 2007
  15. Janos

    Janos Miura Addicted

    It's not about Brits, or Germans, or French or whatever.
    This happens when people leave 8 yo children (intended as brain age) alone with a PC and TDU on.

    Since now, I only met nice people on TDU besides a retard who just kept ramming me and throwing insults for no reason.

    You can mainly do two things:
    1) Ignore them
    2) Bait them into a corner near a beach, and when they try to hit you on the side, hit the brakes.
    The faster they're going, the deeper they'll sink in the ocean.

    The first is the one told by the common sense, but second one is funny as hell.
  16. S71NG3R

    S71NG3R New Member

    Yes this is good advice also I trick I do if they keep ramming you is hit pause and they go right though you. Like you say hopefully out into the ocean never to return. :)
  17. StephenJWolfe

    StephenJWolfe 360 Soon...

    United Kingdom
    I'm british and i'm a nice person. Personally I think most other british people I know act like that being totally ignorant. I blame the love of too much hip hop music in the UK teenage commune.I hate that kind of music and I don't think it is a good example.
  18. NAD33M

    NAD33M the gaming guy

    Northampton, UK, Europe, Earth
    Swatch is swiss....:stinks:
  19. Hamann M6

    Hamann M6 Epic post whore

    Oxford, England
    :wtf: im sorry but thats complete rubbish, i listen to alot of hip hop and so do alot of my friends and we are all nice people, we respect everyone no matter who they are, where there from and such!! you cannot blame a genre of music for the bad attitude in people, they were probably brought up that way so if your gonna blame someone blame the parents.
  20. CarboyZR1

    CarboyZR1 Asian

    USA! USA! USA!
    You can't just blame the parents. It can also be the enviorment, school system, and more.
    People have liberty to do they want.

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