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This disgusts me

Discussion in 'TDU1 - Xbox 360' started by Baxie, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Baxie

    Baxie I am the passenger....

    I was reading this on the official forums (I was bored) and I have to say, that this is the most fascistic piece of censorship I ever saw on a website that is supposed to be: "a fun and safe environment for all forum members".

    These bits are new or updated I believe as I can't remember them from when I signed on.

    What bugs me, is that as a reporter, I feel strongly that freedom of speech is paramount. Any sort of system, be it governmental or commercial, that sets rules as strict as these inhibits the nature of discussion and debate and ends up showing a skewed and false picture of that regime.

    The Spamming/Trolling rule, while sounding like a fair deal, basically states: No badmouthing Atari, no matter what we do. And when we do decide to enforce these facist rules, don't you dare discuss it.

    The creating duplicate threads-rule will exclude roughly 90% of all the people who come to hear news concerning the car-packs.

    And then the remaining 10% will be excluded for pointing it out.

    I am continually becoming more and more disgusted and shocked with the way Atari conducts their business.

  2. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team

    Reading over that I actually don't see much, if anything wrong with it, it says non-constructive posts are not permitted and that is fair game, I actually encourage members to help improve the game by asking them to post their thoughts and opinions in a constructive manner.

    What the above is talking about is what you haven't seen happening, these include a constant barrage of "F Atari", "F Eden", "Atari sucks", "Atari is Sh.." etc. Also the small group of people who berate new members about a question that can easily be answered and then their cronies jump in and join in just so that they can up their post counts, it's annoying and stops the real posts getting through or members getting the help they need when they have to sift through countless crap on the board.

    You can be critical, you can post your upset and disappointment in a courteous and non-threatening manner. If you overstep that then clearly it's time for action to be taken. Saying:

    'I am very disappointed and angry at the way that Atari/Eden has conducted themselves in delivering the supposed promised content over the last few months as well as the way the have blatantly failed to address the views of their customers when asked for or even acknowledged them in the first place ! This has put me off the Atari and Eden brand and I will not be likely to purchase either companies products in the future because of this debacle.'.

    Rather than:

    'F U Atari, You guys Suck the big one, you promised blah blah blah and then you don't say SFA about anything, you can [insert harsh insult here - not literally ;)] and kiss my ass for I will never buy anything from you F rs again !'

    Honestly am I the only one who sees something like the above is needed to keep a board running smoothly and as a community? What part of the above upsets you so much you think it's fascist? Also please bare in mind the Search function is a very valuable tool, those who post an obvious question like "Where is the secret island?" should know that this question has been asked before and should try a search first. In fact starting your post with 'I searched for this but couldn't find it...' goes a long way.

    Have you checked the rules of this board? :umm:
  3. Street Ryder

    Street Ryder Speed Demon

    I have and i would also say you need some rules to keep control of your site and keep members happy at all costs, if not then your digging youself a very big hole that you cannot get out of
  4. Nipper

    Nipper \/ The REAL TDUCk \/

    atari does suck the big one though LOL
  5. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team

    No comment. ;)
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