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The Fat Noob Topic.

Discussion in 'TDU1 - PC' started by Mb, May 2, 2007.

  1. Mb

    Mb The Photographer

    Eindhoven, Netherlands
    Hello guys.

    Just now i was cruising in TDU when some guy in his stock Murciélago wanted to do an Instant challenge with me. I accepted it. We started, my car was of earlier and when he came closer he started ramming me and i crashed. So i thought never mind that might have been an accident. As we both clicked revenge he did the same. I didn't crash this time, but when i was driving behind him, he cut all the corners, and even skipped some.
    I forgot to write down his name.
    So post here people who you think shouldn't be playing TDU as they can't win fairly.
  2. FA430RGT

    FA430RGT Hoods and Alley-ways..

    Just joking.. So basically this thread can be a considered a sort of Blacklist of people not to race.. Nice :D
  3. The Queen

    The Queen <3 Ferrari F50

    Dundee, Scotland
    Sorry to hear that Martijn how much did you lose on him? F*cking Noob! I can't actually say i have come across this before which is good so there must not be many like that ;)
  4. S71NG3R

    S71NG3R New Member

    I've had lots so now I've turned instant challenges off.

    I got a tip that 9/10 works, just make a smoke screen when they are behind, just when you go between the traffic ;)

    Oh there was one I remember, just from the name I knew it was going to be bad IFCUKDUPYORIDE :rolleyes:

    I think I can show it here as it's just a lot of random letters right ;)

    Mods please remove if not ok :)
  5. morgul007

    morgul007 New Member

    Cape Town
    When I read this I laughed as the manuevours <spelling> being used are what I would do. Win at all costs I say, bash him off the road, fishtail him, smokescreen him, there is no losing, there is only winning, lolololol. Its not unfair playing, its just taking the game to the next level.
  6. Mb

    Mb The Photographer

    Eindhoven, Netherlands
    Just 20k, it's nog a big deal, but it's no fun at all. This aint Midtown Madness.
  7. Enos

    Enos I spread love via Sigs!!

    A guy called SUPSTA cut me up nd he uses cheats with no traffic, he drives a psychadelicly coloured CC8S and he thinks hes the S***
  8. alabama619

    alabama619 Clan Owner

    that martjinmb guy is such a noob. he doesnt even know how to drive. what a complete idiot

    ...oh wait...:p

    Only jokin man :D :p
  9. Off da border

    Planet Earth
    Heh I've raced too many noobs that I've lost count. Here are a few I can remember though...

    I was driving a stage 3 Enzo against a stage 3 Mclaren in one race. I was ahead of the guy by MILES, literally. Out of nowhere when I'm nearing the top speed of the Enzo the dude overtook me at a much higher speed (I could figure he was faster by at least 80 miles or something). Now here's the problem:

    1. If I'm going at 240 mph in the stage 3 Enzo, he won't be that much faster even in a stage 3 Mclaren. Say he'll be faster by about 10 mph considering TDUs physics. How did he get the extra few numbers is beyond me.


    2. How the hell did he make up for the distance when I was a long way ahead is also beyond me.

    There are also some weird things that happened to me, like when I cross the finish line and it doesn't count for some reason, making me lose the race and an accompanying $10,000. I wasn't even offroad, I was perfectly on the tarmac and crossed the line before my opponent, but the game just stood there and apparently didn't detect it. A few seconds later my opponent comes in and takes the victory.

    And loads more, but to be honest I don't remember any others... After all, if I keep bothering myself over those I'll just end up becoming psychologically disturbed... :p
  10. eleKtro

    eleKtro Contain Your Orgasms

    Made in China
    There is a hack out there, where you can set a button to make your car instantly go the speed you want. Don't know if he used this against you. But what ever he done, it was *ucking *ay.
  11. Off da border

    Planet Earth
    Heh, yeah, tell me about it. It gets more and more ridiculous the more I think of it. >_>
  12. xilol

    xilol Rookie

    I have been playing TDU from the moment it came out and wanted to say that I have seen my share of odd events happening in races, but instead of thinking that someone was using hacks or cheats I always look first at plausible causes for these happenings.
    - Race settings:
    With collision on, comes another feature "slipstream".In the same class, cars that don't have much horsepower tend to gain poor advantage with this, and cars with much longer RPM's (red line at 7000 or 8000) tend to gain much advantage behind other players.
    - Car performance:
    Cars are different from each other, and someone can know a car better than you, like Jaguar's B class car XJ220 has poor recovery, and you need to always drive it at high rpm's while dodge's viper has a great recovery from low to high rpm's.
    Other cars like Ferrarri Maranello and TVR Sagaris are C class but behave like B's much of the time.
    - Driving styles:
    Invididual race style, skill, etc. Is the main factor when judging a racer, and some have it and some just don't, or need more training. Shifting gears is always important since u have cars with automcatic, semiautomatic (sequencial with steering control) and manual (mechanical) drives. And driving on manual gears is another ball game. Try it and master it.
    - Netcode:
    Sometimes cars tend to get off road because you lag or the others have poor connections on server and detection of hits between cars have to do with this

    I sincerely think some cheat, and some just don't have racing ethics, but we need to be careful judging one player because of one or two races.

    I have seen many things and been accused of cheating just because of skill .... ? or lack of .... ?
    Just because there is no anti-cheat does not mean everyone is using cheats.

    My 2 cents...
  13. Mb

    Mb The Photographer

    Eindhoven, Netherlands
    Today i saw one again! :D
    I was driving in my SLR, Stage 3.
    Hooked up with some Polish guy i guess, also in a SLR Stage 3.
    I used flash lights so we could race. He accepted.
    So race starts, nothing special. Then he slows down just a bit and i looked back, see him ramming me so i spun out. I left immediately because that's no fun. He had this Blue with golden highlights or something like that, was IRC rank 62 and his name i wrote down, but can't find the paper so that will come later ;)
  14. me™

    me™ *turbo whistle*

    NE Scotland
    I wasn't racing, but I saw something pretty funny today...
    An Audi TT overtook my stage 3 Saleen S7... I must've been doing about 220mph+ and this little red TT just sailed past me, most hilarious thing I've ever seen. I have instant challenges switched off too.
    His / Her / Its name was eeeeer (not sure if I got the right amount of e's lol).
  15. cocoki700

    cocoki700 Speed Demon

    nj west orange
    this vid shows the hacks out there that ppl might use in races the speed hack makes ur acceleration 750+ forn a few secs the lowrider hack and the super smash hack wich is like being hit bye a truck full of weights going 120 mph lol :)
  16. superhyper

    superhyper mamamamamamamadness

    Guy named EBRO-ONE. I was riding my new jaguar and he challenged me.
    At the race he crashed into me,I drove off the road and I lost.

    Noobs,hate em'! :headbang:

    E: And he was driving skyline!
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