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Tell us what you love, hate and want changed or added!!

Discussion in 'Give us your feedback' started by Diablo, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team

    We're coming upto a crucial point in the 3+ years we've been live what with TDU2 coming and the activity levels at lunatic levels and always increasing, and we want to get you the members to tell us how we are doing, what we are doing wrong and what you guys would like to see done. This is place is run by us but it's you the members who make it what it is, we never forget that! :nuts:

    So come on be honest and tell us what you're thinking, we've always been about listening to you guys and girls so get posting with your thoughts and ideas. :D

  2. Camel

    Camel New Member

    How about a moderated modshop for members with less than x amount of posts?

    Also, where have the notices gone? I can't see them anywhere or in the control panel anymore.
  3. EW

    EW Knee Down

    I'd love to modshop to be sortted. Its a complete mess.

  4. And3rs

    And3rs Here for my yearly visit

    Østfold, Norway
    Ghost Busters!
  5. T0M722

    T0M722 "POWWEERRRR!!"

    I'd like to see competitions like POTW and NOTW back up and running.
    #5 T0M722, Mar 27, 2010
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  6. iLLGT3

    iLLGT3 New Member

    :agreed: 120%
  7. Rodrighazzo

    Rodrighazzo I'm the king of glitches!

    And why change something that has been working for more than 3 years?
    There are lots of forums that after a year dies...

    Keep going like this that is perfect and people likes ^^ ( if not why everyone still coming here? eheh)
  8. Microphone

    Microphone #Myk2016
    tduck team

    #8 Microphone, Mar 27, 2010
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  9. turbo lag

    turbo lag Banned

    Melbourne, Australia

    And a physics section!
  10. zo6dude

    zo6dude Like My Tail Lights?

    Love: Everything

    Hate: People who only come here for mods and worship the modders like their some sort of god

    Want: Nothing, TDU Central is fine the way it is:)
  11. t.

    t. Retired

    Southside, UK
    Like: The array of people we have and the various sub sections that go beyond gaming, such as photography and graphics.

    Dislike: Diablo. :lol:

    Want: More acknowledgment of my greatness.
  12. Acid44

    Acid44 Beercules

    Toroto, Ontario, Canadadadadia
    I've got a feva, and the only cure, is for TDU:C to have more cowbell!

    @tWm. - You're great, OMG you're so great, I'm so excited to be in your presence! *Not sarcasm!*

    Leave teh site alone, members should know they have to suffer at the creative wrath of the Admins and Webmasters!
  13. Narwhal

    Narwhal he is here,shhhhh...


    Hate:I am god type of people.

    Want:Request section to be sorted out.It is full of crap.Diablo why don't you let TDUCk to sort out the things in there?
  14. chika.doctor

    chika.doctor Quick Shifter a.k.a. SV

    Nish, Serbia
    What he said, but I don't like tWm because of his greatness ( just joking mate ;) ) :D
  15. T0M722

    T0M722 "POWWEERRRR!!"

    Oh i see, didn't notice it. Thanks Mike!
  16. Ozzmcom

    Ozzmcom BBW-ingame

    Sure I can write some if it's not going to be deleted again...

    Love: Great community , people are nice and it's fun around here

    Hate: Some of the modders think they're god , No allowance on freedom of speech, every time I'm starting to argue ON A RIGHT MATTER I see my posts being deleted a.k.a dictator mods , and can I just explain all this

    deleting posts won't get you anywhere, if there's an argument there's a problem and us trying to solve that problem by talking and writing down some of the facts . I still can't quite understand what some of the mods have in their mind

    Want: If we can do something on that hate list that would be great
    #16 Ozzmcom, Mar 27, 2010
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2010
  17. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team

    This is what I don't get, these people who say removing said posts don't help when in fact it usually does. The only people who usually hate this is those who want to start an argument in the thread anyway. I mean one post spawns a whole load of posts that are offtopic and literally go nowhere and those people on their high horses and those who feel they are already king of their kingdom will never stop because they don't agree anyway so it will just keep going round in a stupid circle.

    Now remove those posts post a warning and thread gets back on track. What worked out better between those 2 scenarios?

    Now don't think I'm saying there isn't a problem in this respect as by god I know there is and I'm working on doing something about it, but what I hate is those who start towards a problem thread believe that they are in fact helping the situation.

    Also what do you mean by Dictator Mods? If someone is constantly at the notice of the Staff then shouldn't that tell them something.
  18. Andreas¹

    Andreas¹ Crazy Duck

    Jönköping, Sweden
    In my opinion there is a huge difference between a discussion and an argument, but a very fine line between the two. Unfortunately concerning the Mod Shop there has been more of the latter and that is where things need to change. Discussions, i.e. people listening to each other is a good thing and might lead to improvements on whatever is the topic. On the other hand, people who refuse to listen to other opinions and won't admit that they are wrong will only create arguments and those need to be stopped or things will turn ugly.
    #18 Andreas¹, Mar 27, 2010
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2010
  19. KoenigseggBG

    KoenigseggBG Made in 1994

    Varna, Bulgaria
    Love : just about everything. Especially the recent changes around here.
    Hate : too much brown noising for no reason in some threads. Also, the whiny mod-eating n00bs, who contribute nothing but cause trouble.
    Want : more active people in the photography section. Some people around here to judge the cars not only by the design.

    I know I want too much. :lol:
  20. T0M722

    T0M722 "POWWEERRRR!!"

    Also, it'd be good to have the forum statistics back again. It was a massive celebration thread. Lots of fun. Yaaay! :bparty:
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