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Released TDU2: Unofficial Patch v0.4

Discussion in 'Gameplay Mods' started by Xarlith, May 20, 2013.

  1. Xarlith

    Xarlith New Member

    TDU2:UP v0.4
    March 31, 2014

    The main target of this project is to fix many little bugs which were left by developers.
    Since Eden Games is closed we shouldn't count on them. I've came to the idea, that it would be awesome to bring the features of abandoned :( Community Patch back to TDU2.

    Generally this patch is fixing car's specific bugs - like Lotus Evora gear ratios, Audi Q7 collapsing into tarmac etc. In most cases changes in car's physics are minimal so the vehicles should preserve old driving feeling and performance.
    On the bottom you will find a shortened list of the features of TDU2UP and fixed bugs.

    TDU2: Unofficial Patch also provides easy access to vehicles (through dealerships) which were not included in the game. New vehicles have improved physics and balanced performance - player without TDU2UP would still have a chance of winning in multiplayer race using only official vehicles from the same segment. The first release of the patch contains cars like 370z Nismo or HotRod which are well known to some players but were never accessible without a special knowledge. Depending on the interest there is a possibility to include much more vehicles (for example Pagani Zonda R, Koenigsegg Agera or Audi Quattro S1) in future releases. The only condition is that there has to be a high quality model made by talented modder who will want to include his modification in patch installer.

    To benefit from all the goods of Unofficial Patch you will will need to unpack the game but anyone who don't want to unpack can install slightly limited version of the patch which was prepared especially for unmodified game. If anyone have questions or problems with the mod feel free to ask in this thread.

    More info about this project here: http://tdu2.ml
    Site for poles: http://forum.drivecenter.pl
    Site for russians: http://mediaplanet.com.ua


    • BAC Mono (model by StarGT, sound by shadee43)
    • Chevrolet Camaro SS 69' (model by StarGT, sound by shadee43)
    • Dodge Ram SRT-10 (model by Nightwolf & StarGT)
    • Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R (model by StarGT)
    • Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 (model by Minime891, sound by Jorgemodek)
    • Lamborghini Galalrdo LP 570-4 (model by Minime891, sound by Jorgemodek)
    • Toyota Supra Twin Turbo (model by Minime891, sound by Jorgemodek)
    • TVR Cerbera Speed 12 (model by StarGT, sound by shadee43)
    • Secondary set of rims for Nissan R34 GT-R
    • Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (model by StarGT)
    • Chrysler 300C SRT8 Police (model by StarGT)
    • Ferrari F12berlinetta (model by Minime891, sound by Jorgemodek)
    • Ferrari F430 (model by Reventon09)
    • Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 (model by StarGT)
    • Nissan R34 GT-R (model by Vitality997, sound by shadee43)
    • Saleen S5S Raptor (model & sound by StarGT)
    • Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Competition (model by StarGT, sound by shadee43)
    • Spyker D12 Peking-To-Paris (model by StarGT)
    • Lamborghini Countach 5000QV - available in Italian Classics Dealership on O'ahu (model by Xarlith)
    • Shelby GT500KR - available in World Classics Dealership on O'ahu (model by StarGT)
    • Chrysler 300C SRT8 - available in U.S. Cars Dealership (south) on O'ahu (model by StarGT)
    • Hot Rod - available in World Classics Dealerships on O'ahu
    • Spyker C8 Aileron - available in European Cars Dealership (south) on O'ahu
    • Audi R8 4.2 FSI quattro - available in Audi Dealership (south) on O'ahu
    • Nissan 370z Nismo - available in Asian Cars Dealership on O'ahu
    • Ford Mustang V6 Premium - available in U.S Cars Dealership (south) on O'ahu
    • PNJ Clothes - NPC clothes store on O'ahu
    • New plates
    • Polish translation of DLC2 content


    • Higher rewards for winning Cup challenges
    • Million Dollar reward for winning a multiplayer race around O'ahu
    • 750k $ reward for winning a multiplayer race around Ibiza
    • Sell car price reduced by 20%
    • New vehicle plates (by fussel)
    • All vehicules paintable
    • All vehicules stickerable
    • Rearranged all vehicles placement in salons
    • Intro movie disabled
    • Carwash fee reduced to 20$


    • fixed UCD earning money exploit
    • Audi R8 4.2 FSI sticker mapping
    • Alfa Romeo 8C hole in cocpit
    • Ford Mustang V6 headlights
    • missing rim names "n/a in DB"
    • Ferrari Enzo top speed
    • Ferrari 599XX jump stability
    • Dodge charger RT ignition delay
    • Buggy V8 gauges texture
    • Wheel blurr offsets of UP cars
    • bike tire grip (patch 0.2 issue)
    • profile switch freezes (patch 0.2 issue)
    • Audi Q7 - collapsing into tarmac when above 230kmph
    • RUF RGT - hitting tarmac
    • Lotus Evora - gearbox ratios
    • Ferrari F40 - bouncing on small bumps and when above 250km/h
    • Ferrari 250 GTO - bouncing on small bumps and when above 200km/h
    • Audi R8 V8 - everything fixed
    • VW Beetle - hitting tarmac when turning
    • Lotus Evora - hitting tarmac when turning on high speeds
    • Lancia Stratos - loosing too much speed when sliding
    • TVR Sagaris - bouncing on small bumps
    • Aston Martin v12 Vantage - bouncing on small bumps
    • Viper ACR - bouncing on small bumps and when above 250km/h
    • AC Cobra - unable to control in slide
    • Caterham CSR260, R500 - hitting pavements and curbs
    • Pagani Zonda Cinque/Tricolore - collapsing into tarmac when braking in some circumstances
    • Lotus 2-Eleven - goes under tarmac after series of fast turns
    • RUF RGT - hole in the cockpit (fix only for unpacked game)
    • Ford Mustang V6 - white bumpers
    • Aston Martin V12 Vantage - rear left wheel offset (fix only for unpacked game)
    • Spyker Alieron - wheel offset
    • Audi RS5 - indicators and shadows
    • Audi S5 - indicators and shadows
    • VW Golf - indicators and shadows
    • Spyker D8 - exhaust
    • Ginetta F400 - bumper gauge not calibrated
    • Hot Rod - gauges not calibrated
    • Mercedes-Benz ML 63 - speedometers not calibrated
    • Lotus S3 - exterior tachometer not calibrated
    • Harley Fatboy Lo - tachometer not calibrated
    • Corvette ZR1 - DLC car but visible in UCD
    • Lancia Delta - jolty rear cockpit camera

    • Corvette ZR1 - car stats are from Z06
    • Caterham CSR260, R500 - light gleam starts before reflectors (WIP)
    • Caterham R500 - exterior gauge dials are hardly readable
    • Gumpert Apollo - exterior gauge dials are hardly readable
    • Aston Martin V12 Vantage Carbon - greyish paint color but can be re-painted in sticker shop
    • inverted tire thread (WIP)
    New bugs can be reported on this site (page Report a bug).

    TDU2: Unofficial Patch v0.4 (for unpacked game)
    Mediafire | Mirror

    TDU2: Unofficial Patch v0.3b -> v0.4 UPDATE
    Mediafire | Mirror

    TDU2: Unofficial Patch v0.1c (for retail game)
    Mediafire | Mirror

    TDU2: Unpacker GUI

    Patch applies to every legal and updated copy of TDU2 including EN/ES/FR/GE/IT, EN/PL, and EN/RU versions. EN/JA version is supported only for unpacked version.



            Size  Name
    ------------  ------------------------
          272240  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\300c.bnk
          272240  euro\bnk\frontend\lowres\gauges\300c.bnk
          272240  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gauges\300c.bnk
        12881472  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\300_C_P.bnk
          308928  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\chrysler\300_C_P_F_01.bnk
         3776368  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\300_c_P_high.bnk
         3851392  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\300_C_P_i.bnk
         1596016  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\300_c_P_low.bnk
        12881472  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\300_C_P_med.bnk
        11413120  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\300_c_srt8.bnk
          257504  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\chrysler\300_C_SRT8_F_01.bnk
         3457024  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\300_c_srt8_high.bnk
         3947216  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\300_c_srt8_i.bnk
         1294368  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\300_c_srt8_low.bnk
        11413120  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\300_c_srt8_med.bnk
           86736  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\nissan\350znismo_f_01.bnk
         2560000  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\370z_nismo.bnk
           77824  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\nissan\370z_nismo_f_01.bnk
         3758080  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\370z_nismo_high.bnk
         2670592  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\370z_nismo_i.bnk
         1593040  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\370z_nismo_low.bnk
         1675264  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\370z_nismo_med.bnk
         1978912  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\7_csr260.bnk
         2271232  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\apollo_sport_i.bnk
         3154416  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\atom_3_500_supercharged_high.bnk
         3117056  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\atom_3_supercharged_300_high.bnk
         2771536  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\c8_aileron.bnk
        10167280  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\camaro_zl1.bnk
          243744  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\chevrolet\Camaro_ZL1_F_01.bnk
         3667968  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\camaro_ZL1_high.bnk
         4120224  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\Camaro_ZL1_i.bnk
         1364384  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\Camaro_ZL1_low.bnk
        10167280  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\camaro_zl1_med.bnk
          243744  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\chevrolet\Camaro_ZL1_R_01.bnk
         6838272  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\challeng.bnk
         6838272  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\challeng.bnk
         6131712  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\club.bnk
         6131712  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\club.bnk
         9216288  euro\bnk\vehicules\common_car.bnk
        18129072  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\count25.bnk
         3375104  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\count25_high.bnk
         3933328  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\Count25_i.bnk
         1180000  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\count25_low.bnk
        18129072  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\count25_med.bnk
          740512  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\lamborg\Countach_25_F_01.bnk
          740512  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\lamborg\Countach_25_R_01.bnk
          534976  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\Count_25TH.bnk
          534976  euro\bnk\frontend\lowres\gauges\Count_25TH.bnk
          534976  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gauges\Count_25TH.bnk
         1587856  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\default.bnk
          151552  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\default\default_f_01.bnk
         2961408  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\default_i.bnk
         1587856  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\default_med.bnk
          272144  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\esprit_s3.bnk
          272144  euro\bnk\frontend\lowres\gauges\esprit_s3.bnk
          272144  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gauges\esprit_s3.bnk
          272256  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gauges\F12.bnk
          272256  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\F12.bnk
          272256  euro\bnk\frontend\lowres\gauges\F12.bnk
        10775184  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\F12.bnk
         3073632  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\ferrari\F12_F_01.bnk
         3072576  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\ferrari\F12_F_02.bnk
         3232448  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\F12_high.bnk
         6208000  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\F12_i.bnk
          993632  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\F12_low.bnk
        10775184  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\F12_med.bnk
         3072176  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\ferrari\F12_R_01.bnk
         3073168  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\ferrari\F12_R_02.bnk
          272384  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\f430.bnk
          272384  euro\bnk\frontend\lowres\gauges\f430.bnk
          272384  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gauges\f430.bnk
        25175888  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\f430.bnk
         1214128  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\ferrari\F430_02_f_01.bnk
         1442144  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\ferrari\f430_f_01.bnk
         4462784  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\f430_high.bnk
         3683536  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\f430_i.bnk
         3426288  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\f430_low.bnk
        25175888  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\f430_med.bnk
          272160  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\farbio_gts400.bnk
          272160  euro\bnk\frontend\lowres\gauges\farbio_gts400.bnk
          272160  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gauges\farbio_gts400.bnk
          272384  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\fatboy.bnk
          272384  euro\bnk\frontend\lowres\gauges\fatboy.bnk
          272384  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gauges\fatboy.bnk
         4943872  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gamblinhall.bnk
         4943872  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gamblinhall.bnk
          594720  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\jeep\GC_SRT8_F_01.bnk
          594720  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\jeep\GC_SRT8_R_01.bnk
         5425152  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gmeditor.bnk
         5425152  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gmeditor.bnk
         1918048  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\golf_6_gti.bnk
         2256896  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\golf_6_gti_i.bnk
         1918048  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\golf_6_gti_med.bnk
         6569984  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\home.bnk
         6569984  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\home.bnk
          272384  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\hotrod.bnk
          272384  euro\bnk\frontend\lowres\gauges\hotrod.bnk
          272384  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gauges\hotrod.bnk
         3573760  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\hotrod_high.bnk
         1989120  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\hotrod_i.bnk
         6228736  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\hud.bnk
         6228736  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\hud.bnk
          272336  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\Jeep_GC_SRT8.bnk
          272336  euro\bnk\frontend\lowres\gauges\Jeep_GC_SRT8.bnk
          272336  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gauges\Jeep_GC_SRT8.bnk
         9936880  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\Jeep_GC_SRT8.bnk
         3457024  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\Jeep_GC_SRT8_high.bnk
         3687968  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\Jeep_GC_SRT8_i.bnk
         1294368  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\Jeep_GC_SRT8_low.bnk
         9936880  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\Jeep_GC_SRT8_med.bnk
          330192  euro\bnk\frontend\allres\logotexturepage.bnk
         1821216  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\log_in2.bnk
         1821216  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\log_in2.bnk
         9061360  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\main.bnk
         9061360  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\main.bnk
         3670016  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\map.bnk
         3670016  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\map.bnk
         2702416  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\ml63_amg_i.bnk
          272384  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\ml_63.bnk
          272384  euro\bnk\frontend\lowres\gauges\ml_63.bnk
          272384  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gauges\ml_63.bnk
         2448672  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\mustang_v6_premium.bnk
          176128  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\ford\mustang_v6_premium_f_01.bnk
           45056  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\ford\mustang_v6_premium_f_02.bnk
          190464  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\ford\mustang_v6_premium_f_03.bnk
           79872  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\ford\mustang_v6_premium_f_04.bnk
         2996224  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\mustang_v6_premium_high.bnk
         2551808  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\mustang_v6_premium_i.bnk
          673696  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\mustang_v6_premium_low.bnk
         2448672  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\mustang_v6_premium_med.bnk
          120832  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\nissan\nissan2_f_01.bnk
         2109776  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\pekin_to_paris.bnk
         2109776  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\pekin_to_paris_med.bnk
          126976  euro\bnk\islands\ibiza\scenarics\press_start.bnk
          361168  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\r34.bnk
          361168  euro\bnk\frontend\lowres\gauges\r34.bnk
          361168  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gauges\r34.bnk
          368432  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\nissan\r34_f_01.bnk
          368432  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\nissan\r34_r_01.bnk
         2492816  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\r8.bnk
         2269184  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\r8_i.bnk
         2492816  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\r8_med.bnk
         4321280  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\results.bnk
         4321280  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\results.bnk
         2480048  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\rgt_i.bnk
         2425536  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\rs5.bnk
         2425536  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\rs5_med.bnk
         2228768  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\s5.bnk
          272224  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\S5S_Raptor.bnk
          272224  euro\bnk\frontend\lowres\gauges\S5S_Raptor.bnk
          272224  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gauges\S5S_Raptor.bnk
         7467760  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\S5S_Raptor.bnk
          404144  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\saleen\S5S_Raptor_F_01.bnk
         2521328  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\S5S_Raptor_high.bnk
         2965136  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\S5S_Raptor_i.bnk
          500944  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\S5S_Raptor_low.bnk
         7467760  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\S5S_Raptor_med.bnk
          404144  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\saleen\S5S_Raptor_R_01.bnk
         2228768  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\s5_med.bnk
          272352  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\S7_Twin_Turbo.bnk
          272352  euro\bnk\frontend\lowres\gauges\S7_Twin_Turbo.bnk
          272352  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gauges\S7_Twin_Turbo.bnk
        11261488  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\S7_Twin_Turbo.bnk
          419056  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\saleen\S7_Twin_Turbo_F_01.bnk
         3884672  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\S7_Twin_Turbo_high.bnk
         3180080  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\S7_Twin_Turbo_I.bnk
         2014848  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\S7_Twin_Turbo_low.bnk
        11261488  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\S7_Twin_Turbo_med.bnk
          419056  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\saleen\S7_Twin_Turbo_R_01.bnk
         9748096  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\Shelb_GT500.bnk
          272288  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\shelb_GT500KR.bnk
          272288  euro\bnk\frontend\lowres\gauges\shelb_GT500KR.bnk
          272288  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gauges\shelb_GT500KR.bnk
         4255744  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\shelb_gt500_high.bnk
         2507696  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\Shelb_GT500_i.bnk
         2825888  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\shelb_gt500_low.bnk
         9748096  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\Shelb_GT500_med.bnk
          414592  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\shelby\Shelb_GT_F_01.bnk
         5599232  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\shopscar.bnk
         5599232  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\shopscar.bnk
        12705392  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\skyline.bnk
         4467824  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\skyline_high.bnk
         4066000  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\skyline_i.bnk
         2627488  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\skyline_low.bnk
        12705392  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\skyline_med.bnk
          272384  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\spyker_d12.bnk
          272384  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gauges\spyker_d12.bnk
           75776  euro\bnk\frontend\lowres\gauges\spyker_d12.bnk
         3163104  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\spyker_d12.bnk
           92160  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\spyker\Spyker_D12_F_01.bnk
          324848  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\spyker\Spyker_D12_F_02.bnk
          324432  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\spyker\Spyker_D12_F_03.bnk
          163840  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\spyker\Spyker_D12_F_04.bnk
          256560  euro\bnk\vehicules\rim\spyker\Spyker_D12_F_05.bnk
         4087808  euro\bnk\sound\vehicles\spyker_d12_high.bnk
         3191504  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\Spyker_D12_I.bnk
         3163104  euro\bnk\vehicules\med\spyker_d12_med.bnk
         2152448  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\superlight_r500.bnk
         1832112  euro\bnk\vehicules\interiors\superlight_r500_i.bnk
            5552  euro\bnk\vehicules\tires\tires.bnk
         2694368  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\v12_vantage.bnk
         2677968  euro\bnk\vehicules\high\v12_vantage_carbon_black.bnk
          272416  euro\bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\ZL.bnk
          272416  euro\bnk\frontend\lowres\gauges\ZL.bnk
          272416  euro\bnk\frontend\medres\gauges\ZL.bnk
         1220176  euro\bnk\database\db_data.cpr
          336720  euro\bnk\database\db_pl.cpr
          310232  euro\bnk\database\db_us.cpr
          578836  euro\bnk\database\camerasingame.xmb
           23138  GamePC.cpr
    ------------  ------------------------
       655399374  210 files, 33 folders
    Abarth Grande Punto S2000
    Alfa Brera
    Alfa Romeo Coupe 33 Stradale
    Ascari KZ1
    Audi Quattro S1
    Audi S5 Cabriolet
    BMW M3 Coupe
    BMW M6 Convertible
    Bristol Fighter T
    Cadillac XLR-V
    Chevrolet C6-R
    Chevrolet C6-R_TS
    Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 69
    Dodge 2CV
    Dodge Challenger Concept
    Dodge Challenger RT
    Dodge Challenger SE
    Dodge Challenger SRT8
    Dodge Viper SRT10 Convertible
    Ducati Hypermotard 1100 S
    Ducati Monster S4R
    Ducati Superbike 848 Evo
    Ferrari 288 GTO
    Ferrari 365 GTB4 Competizione
    Ferrari 365 GTB4 Daytona Coupe
    Ferrari 512 TR
    Ferrari 575 GTC
    Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
    Ferrari F 50
    Ferrari F40 LM
    Ford Escort RS Cosworth
    Ford Shelby GT500
    Ford Shelby GT500KR
    Ginetta Supercharged GTS Prototype 2005
    Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Nightster
    Jaguar XJ220
    Kawasaki KFX 450R
    Kawasaki KX 450F
    Kawasaki VULCAN
    Koenigsegg Agera
    Koenigsegg CCR
    Lamborghini Diablo GT
    Lamborghini Gallardo Police
    Lamborghini Miura P400SV
    Lamborghini MurciƩlago LP640
    Lancia Delta S4 Competition
    Lotus Esprit V8
    Lotus Exige Cup 260
    Lotus Exige S
    Lotus Sport Exige 240R
    Maserati 3500 GT
    Maserati GranTurismo
    Maserati MC12
    Maserati MC12 Corsa
    McLaren F1 GT
    McLaren F1 GTR
    Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR
    Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
    MV Agusta F4 Brutale 910S
    MV Agusta F4 Tamburini
    Pagani Zonda R
    Shelby Series 2
    Triumph Speed Triple
    If you don't want your new cars turn into Miami's Mustangs DO NOT run TDU2 without Unofficial Patch. If you have to run packed game install TDU2UP for retail, or at least backup your savegame!

    If you want to publish this modification on another site please contact me via PM and do not change download link!

    #1 Xarlith, May 20, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2014
  2. ScoobSTi

    ScoobSTi New Member

    New York
    Looks nice so far! Hopefully TDU2 can finally become the TDU2 we've always wanted.
  3. BAk99

    BAk99 Square Sausage FTW!

    Scotland, uk
    Might be worth buying TDU2 for PC now. Nice One! Will be picking up a copy on payday ;]
  4. Fear Deer

    Fear Deer Mc dolan hambargre luvin

  5. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team

    Wow that's quite an undertaking, best of luck and I'm sure many people can't wait to follow your progress on this. :)
  6. BioHazard7911

    BioHazard7911 Eat. Sleep. JDM. <3

    Mount Panorama (Not really)
    What will be done about the DLC cars? Will they be unlocked somehow?

    Will be following this :)
  7. Incognito

    Incognito New Member

    I am patiently waiting for any new progress and release :)
  8. Ryzza5

    Ryzza5 Notable Member

    DLC cars are unlocked when you buy them ;)

    How do we know Atari won't bring down the TDU2 servers in a few months? :hmmm:
  9. BAk99

    BAk99 Square Sausage FTW!

    Scotland, uk
    Atari are dead but Ivory Tower are still active. They'de be stupid to completely cut off TDU from history.
  10. BioHazard7911

    BioHazard7911 Eat. Sleep. JDM. <3

    Mount Panorama (Not really)
    I guess I better get a cracked version of TDU1 and TDU2, I never bought the DLCs for them.

    Yeah, that already happened. Atari abandoned the forums and TDU2 entirely, go on the Test Drive Unlimited 2 facebook page and see for yourself.

    EDIT: Nah I'm wrong, apparently they are back but I dunno if I really want to jump back in..I'll try getting my account back (if I can) and go from there.

    EDIT2: They are screwing up, from what I have read, everyone that has the game can't play because of the bad connectivity with the servers and the constant maintenance, and the account retrieval on my end isn't going to work because the main site still has the "Please contact the site admin" issue, meaning the forum merge has still been abandoned.
    #10 BioHazard7911, May 21, 2013
    Last edited: May 21, 2013
  11. Soundwave

    Soundwave Can You Hear It?

    The Netherlands
    Discussing about getting cracked content is against the rules here. :evil:
  12. Xarlith

    Xarlith New Member

    It is very easy but i won't do it until it is possible to buy AT at their website. Sorry.

    Create new account on atari website.
  13. MagicV8

    MagicV8 Well-Known Member

    Drivers Paradise
    Sounds all very nice, Xarlith. :thumbsup:

    One little addition
    With Aston Martin V12 Vantage (both versions I think) the rear left wheel is a bit too much outside the car body ... or the rear right one too much inside.
    How ever you take it. ;)
  14. VooDooShamane

    VooDooShamane TDU2 Enhancer

    I would say right one is to much inside, cause outside is sexy:nods:
    Anyways, i wish you good luck with this project xarlith.
    Love to see someone with so much engagement in fixing tdu2.
    Automotive Gaming likes this.
  15. MadManCK

    MadManCK Test Driver

    Looks very promising so far. And please refrain from unlocking any DLC. Keep this unofficial patch "clean".
    This is what Eden and Atari should have done long time ago. After the countless bug reports since the early Beta, very little was actually done.

    This initiative and the Physics improvements (HC included) are what TDU2 needs.
    Good luck with the project:cool:

    PS Things that were in the community patch, like fixing the holes in Cockpits (RGT), offset wheels, indicator lights, indicator sound, windshield tinting adjustments, wrong numbers on dials and other minor graphical glitches, will they be included as well? Maybe contact Speeder or Viltsua about it, so you don't need to do the same thing twice:D

    Audi Sport Quattro seems to be in the files, but without car model. There are probably more cars like that.
    Also some cars are ridiculous after the last update. The Gumpert is a real handful.

    * The usual request from me regarding uncontrolled sliding of the cars (especially 4WD), locking brakes and other physics related stuff.
    * Maybe even a working FFB for wheels (weight transfer etc)
    * Curb kicks in lower ride height cars.
    * Koenigsegg with open top option.
    * Unlock hidden clothing and avatar customizing options, like tattoos
    * Dial from the Gumpert is hardly readable as it is black on a black background
    * Change the tire thread direction (they are backwards now)
    * Create a "portal" to Eden Island
    * Allow free walking
    * Rim painting in the paint shop
    * Finish the Auction Hall (if the files are there)
    * Add car slots so there is no need for body swaps anymore
    * Import option for all the cars from TDU1 (LOL)
    * Super Bonus Project: Add a slot for a new location:lol:

    Other things to consider fixing, less important but cool for videos or as a finishing touch, are:
    * Working dials in replay mode (Atom V8 has it, most cars have not)
    * Extra viewpoints in replay mode, like hood cam or free cam

    I don't know what is possible or not. These are just a few ideas;)
    #15 MadManCK, May 22, 2013
    Last edited: May 22, 2013
  16. BioHazard7911

    BioHazard7911 Eat. Sleep. JDM. <3

    Mount Panorama (Not really)
    It won't be mentioned again, I'm sorry.

    It was just a quick thought, that's all :L
  17. sfy2004

    sfy2004 syfy2K4 on Twitch/Twitter

    here, there, who cares?
    seems like you have quite a bit of work to do, thanks for doing this.

    MadMan already mentioned some of the things i've noticed need fixing.
  18. styled

    styled NFS Logo Creator

    Now this, this is just awesome. :drool:
  19. vanaardep

    vanaardep New Member

    South Africa
    Would it be possible to fix the bug with the police stickers?

    I have gotten away from the cops twice, the dialog saying I have unlocked the police stickers showed up, but they are nowhere to be found in the sticker shop.

    Just a suggestion :)
  20. Xarlith

    Xarlith New Member

    Have you tried to stick another car (Pagani should work)? Some brands like Mercedes and Lotus have limited number of sticker sets.
    If that's the issue I'll check what can be done to unlock all stickers for every car.
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