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TDU 2 - wishlist

Discussion in 'TDU1 - General' started by Kumagoro, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. Kumagoro New Member

    I guess none/most of these won't be implemented, but still it could be cool

    • Full day/night cycle
    • Weather system
    • Fully functional interiors (Kawasaki gauges, mclaren GTR etc.)
    • Turning signals, wipers, cruise control
    • Offroad tracks
    • not-only-DX10 support (i dont have 8800!)
    • Fuel consumption
    • More cars ( :p )
  2. cocoki700

    cocoki700 Speed Demon

    nj west orange
    1.full day
    3.cruise control
    4.suvs and 4x4 jeeps for offroading
    5.climable suv mountains that normal cars cant get
    6.private trading
    7.not just flash of lights u can keep them on
    8.windshield wipers surround sound stereo system
    9.the more badges u et on police chases the more kinda cars come lie police suvs
    10.instead of having just a and b class motorcycles to have harleys to be g class and chhoppes like c class mabey
    and much more i dont think ur idea on fuel consumption is good because what if u spent like 1 mill on a car and the gas runs out ull e stranded and some gas for super cars like only lasts for 12 mins ggoin at 220 mph

    TDURLZ Bad drifter....

    Yeah this thread has most of the things I want... IT SHOULD HAPPEN!!!

    TDURLZ Bad drifter....

    On All Consoles
  5. Kumagoro

    Kumagoro New Member

    Even PSX? :]
  6. Nige

    Nige Buy American ....

    Calgary, AB
    I think the following should be included in TDU2:

    Weather changing i.e. Rain then sun etc etc
    working headlights
    Cops and Robbers game mode would be good.
    More cars !!!!
  7. mclaren8080

    mclaren8080 New Member

    i want everything that cocoki700. it would also be really cool to have rally races.(or at least be able to buy rally cars
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