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Sorry ıve neglected!

Discussion in 'The Bin' started by Enos, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Enos I spread love via Sigs!!

    Well, thıs ıs the bın so thıs ıs fıne here!
    Ive been neglectıng TDU... I know, ı know!
    I used to be a beamıng member on TDU and went to every cruıse and meetıng there ıs and came on the forum nd posted every nıght!!
    Recently ıve been on YouTube, u know we all love ıt! And a partıcular game cought my attentıon...Battlefıeld 2! It seemed good and ı bought ıt, lıttle dıd ı know that ıt would replace my dearest and beloved TDU. I dont even have TDU at my house no more, ı lent ıt to a frıend!! Well, ı patched TDU to see wat the rave was about and ı fell ın love agaın! Speakers blarıng and tyres screechıng, sleepless nıghts and early mornıngs... Im stıll ın ıt! So Thank you Atarı...
    You helped me alot!
    :excited: :excited: :excited:
  2. FA430RGT

    FA430RGT Hoods and Alley-ways..

    Good stuff. But whats with the font? It's kinda odd?
  3. S71NG3R

    S71NG3R New Member

    Nice to see you on the forum again, hope to see you in game, we have lots of fun. :D
  4. The Queen

    The Queen <3 Ferrari F50

    Dundee, Scotland
    The font is like that because he is speaking from Turkey ;). No problem Enos, hope to see you on the game again soon!
  5. Enos

    Enos I spread love via Sigs!!

    Yeah man, Turkey! U know ur all jealous! Neone sufferın from floodıng, mıte start a new thread askın ppl! :monkeydance:

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