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SimBin's GTR 3 Coming in 2018

Discussion in 'Driving & Racing Games' started by The Compensator, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. The Compensator

    The Compensator Future heel&toe historian



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  2. Microphone

    Microphone #Myk2016
    tduck team

    I almost understand what he's trying to say, I agree about the difference in gamer on both platforms, but i'm not sure exactly what solution to this gap he's found or trying to insinuate GTR 3 will be. It's basically just rambling imo. What solution has he found?
  3. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team

    Just give everyone the options to set it as they want!! Seriously can it be that hard to allow people to dumb it down a bit if they want to and then in multiplayer have an option to select lobbies with at least that sort of handling mode? Am I crazy for thinking this!!?!?! :derp:

    BTW we've known GTR 3 has been coming since that trailer for Xbox 360 back in ermm.... 2011.

    TIMELESS Super Moderator
    tduck team

    Northern Ireland, UK
    So happy to see this. where have Simbin been?! GTR was pretty amazing in its day, hopefully this will live up to its predecessors too. Either way it's nice to see another title in the racing game genre.

    @Diablo completely agree. And it is as simple as that. You run the game, you're presented with a simple screen that asks "What type of player are you?" Casual/Hardcore. That's your base, from there you can choose driving aids/AI difficulty. Simple, no?
  5. Ryzza5

    Ryzza5 Notable Member

    Good news, albeit really confusing. I remember excitedly picking up GTR Evolution back in the day expecting that to be GTR3, when instead it was an expansion pack to Race 07, which required Steam and a re-download of the game back when we probably had <10GB of download quotas per month. I really hated Steam then.

    GTR2 and 3 are technically both made by SimBin in much the same way that TDU1 and 2 were both made by Eden Games. We know that when TDU2 was in development work had already started on the Crew. Most of the GTL, GTR, & GTR2 developers have ended up at you know where.

    All that aside I'm still looking forward to trying this as I know RaceRoom does have a well respected physics model but that I don't have time for their F2P/DLC model and reportedly bad netcode. I'm sure I've also read that these guys are working on a competitor service to iRacing as well which will be interesting.

    Hardcore Realistic physics can work equally well for hardcore and casual players alike, as long as the cars are controllable on both gamepad and wheel (although there are 2 distinct types of gamepad players - ones who tap and ones who hold the steering inputs). Difficulty can be assigned to the AI only.
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