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Post your Astral Map/Birth chart

Discussion in 'The Bin' started by Milli, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Milli

    Milli An eternal apprentice.

    Jacareí, São Paulo
    Who never have read anything about zodiac signs? I guess everyone have, at least, about your solar sign, which is ruled by the day and month you've been born.

    So, this thread is to tell and explain it more deeply, into your astral map and well, to share it if you want a bit of a laugh on it. lol. But first, let me introduce and say what are the most important points on it.

    To know your astral map, you must know 3 things.

    1. - Day, month and year of your birth.
    2. - Clock time of your birth, 2am, 2:15pm, etc.
    3. - Location of your birth.

    Once you get all that done, THIS WEBSITE will give you your whole astral map, with explanation of all the things in there. But i will make it short in here, so you can look into the main things.

    • - Sun: That's your solar sign, the sign we all normally know. It defines your main characteristic and what you are deep inside.
    • - Moon: That's your instinct, the way you behave and act when you're not really thinking.
    • - Ascendant: That's your social mask, that becomes a great part of you as you grow up and get mature. That is also how most people will "percieve" you.
    • - Mercury: That's your comunication. Mercury is responsible for how you comunicate yourself with others.
    • - Venus: That's how you tend to behave when it's about love and relationships. :lol:

    To give it a kickstart, i will share mine.


    Sun: Virgo
    Moon: Taurus
    Ascendant: Pisces
    Mercury: Leo (Funny thing, when reading about Mercury in Leo, they say that it means i often try to put my opinion above other people's opinion. :lol:)
  2. Microphone

    Microphone #Myk2016
    tduck team

    • - Sun: Aquarius
    • - Moon: Taurus
    • - Ascendant: Cancer
    • - Mercury: Aquarius
    • - Venus: Aquarius

    Feel free to tell me what that means I am :lol:

    TIMELESS Super Moderator
    tduck team

    Northern Ireland, UK
    You're a platypus!

    Am I doing this right?
  4. Milli

    Milli An eternal apprentice.

    Jacareí, São Paulo
    Quite a lot of things in Aquarius... :lol:

    Aquarius, is a sign of air, and that means you tend to be very volatile, changes and also very logical with feelings. Sun in aquarius means you have a strong conviction of what is true, but if things are show to prove you wrong, you can accept that easily. Able to see the two sides of an argument. Also know as one of the most tolerant and open minded of the zodiac signs.

    People of Aquarius is refined, humane, sincere and idealist. They know how to express themselves with reason, moderate and sometimes with humor. They're very imaginitive.

    Even though they have this open-minded personality and know how to express themselves, they're not quite fast at making friends, as they do not open themselves at the first instance.

    Ascendant in Cancer: Cancer is a sign of water, Which means it's linked strongly with emotions, but it represents more the family, more like a mother-hood like feeling. People with this ascendant tend to take care of people who they like, being the kind of people you can count on when you look for "human comfort". :lol:

    Your moon is like mine, Taurus, which is stability. More like material stability. Taurus is an earth sign, so it's very stable, logic, feet-on-ground. A happy Taurus person, is a person with a good house, a good car, a good and full fridge. (Moon in Taurus is boring, Taurus is a boring sign... :lol:)

    Mercury, as i said, is responsible for how you comunicate, and Mercury in Aquarius means that you're very good at comunicating, with clear words, being great at saying/giving ideas and opinions. They have a big interest in far futures or long gone pasts. However, if under pressure, they can be stubborn and even cruel.

    Venus is how you see relationships, and again, yours is in Aquarius Mike. :lol: Venus in Aquarius means that you can't stand those glue-like love. Aquarius is air, it needs to breathe. Other thing is, you sure put logic into it. You won't be attached to someone because the sexual part, or the material part, it all have it's part, like it all have to go down a list. You like your freedom, but don't enjoy much on giving freedom. :lol: Other bad part, they say, is that you might often be seen as cold. Which can make people get far apart.

    Anything right? :lol:
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