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Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by iLLGT3, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Ryzza5

    Ryzza5 Notable Member

    Preordered the Galaxy S9 Plus 256GB to replace my Galaxy S6 Edge which is 3 years old and struggling to hold a charge for the past couple of weeks.

    Oh, and a wedding (cost more than I thought it would (for me), but we have also received more support than I would have expected).


    And a tropical holiday for afterwards.

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  2. TimBud

    TimBud Well-Known Member

    First thing i thought of when I saw that logo
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    TIMELESS Super Moderator
    tduck team

    Northern Ireland, UK
    The S9 looks like a great phone... a year into my S8+ I still love it.
  4. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    That's weird, they do sell the 6s here, they stopped selling the 6 when the 7 rolled out, hence I expected the stores to drop the 6s this year but you can still buy it.
    I've spent 1.5 year using the 6s, which is different than the 6 but I think they're quite similar. I can tell you: it's definitely not a bad phone but I couldn't get to grips with it. It's fast for daily basis but after 10 months the battery would just not last for more than a few hours, meaning on a regular school day from 9.00 to 14.30 I had to charge it during class. Very annoying! Also the storage was pretty limited but I chose the 16GB version because the bigger one (64 GB iirc (?)) was out of stock and I needed a new phone asap. I agree that my phone has had a rough life, running Snapchat all the time (peer pressure I'm sorry) and being on all day.
    I switched to Android, got myself a regular Samsung Galaxy S8. Most definitely an improvement in terms of storage and battery capacity, but I think the overall Apple UI works better for me. If only Apple still made sensible phones after the 6s, I'd have stuck with them. But now, I think they're overpriced for what you get from them. On the 6 and 6s models, they price drops for at the moment probably make them worth it.
  5. sti228

    sti228 Sim Racer

  6. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team Admin

    Awesome bike, but damn, it reminds me too much of a shell suit I used to have when I was younger. :eek:
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