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Oculus Rift: VR making progress

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Ryzza5, Aug 4, 2012.


When do you think VR will be available to consumers at a reasonable price?

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  1. Ryzza5

    Ryzza5 Notable Member

    Most people complaining about price, I guess none of them went to bed expecting a Q1 release, then woke up with a release date in May.

    For flight and racing sims I think it's going to be epic. Some say this is Gen 1 so better wait but I'm calling it Gen 3.

    Oculus Rift ($649.00 ) + shipping = $781. About the price of an average iPhone/iPad high-end graphics card.
  2. sti228

    sti228 Sim Racer

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  3. Carbon_Kid

    Carbon_Kid Game Developer

    In case you didn't hear of this youtube video already, it would be my pleasure to show you this video of Marcel Pfister in which he used a green screen with an Oculus Rift.
    You must know am I a very big supporter of VR in racing/driving games. I think that this technology will revolutionise racing games as we know it today. I do own an OR DK2 unit and I can safely say that, at least in my opinion, there is no going back. Once you have experienced VR and looked around as Marcel does in this video, you are basically transported to whichever open world or circuit and get to sit in any number of (race) cars you have. The immersion level of VR is absolutely breathtaking and there is no comparison to triples or projection, mainly because of the fact that you are literally thrown in the game itself. There just isn’t anything else that compares to what is attacking your senses just by driving in VR.

    Enjoy the video!

  4. Ryzza5

    Ryzza5 Notable Member

    No doubt about it, excellent video. My CV1 is scheduled to ship end of June.
  5. Ryzza5

    Ryzza5 Notable Member

    So I found myself in a Samsung store in Melbourne today, where they had a Gear VR on demo next to their Galaxy S7's (get a free Gear VR with S7 purchase before June 30 btw)

    The screen was a little blurry (not focussed right) and I think someone else may have left a little hair product in one spot of the screen.

    My thoughts:
    The screen was VERY dotty. Much more than I expected. I sure hope the Rift is MUCH better.
    The demo consisted of various short scenes that suddenly switched. Despite standing I had no problem looking around as 'I' skied down a massive mountain, or surfed on a large wave. I even didn't have anywhere near the amounts of problems standing still for the rollercoaster scene compared to other clips, although it was the only scene where my heart sank a little and I had to brace my footing in advance - similar to if you stand in a moving train).

    The movie theatre scene was pretty good, as was the one where I appeared to have a private concert with Bono.

    While not perfectly adjusted, the front still seemed a little too heavy. I didn't find myself looking around that much in the moving scenes - basically just looking where 'I' was going, so the 360 aspect was a little lost on me, although practically flawless - no stitching issues.

    I wouldn't recommend buying one though. Maybe wait for version 2. I had no problem adapting - it feels a little like poking your head through a hole in the wall where the scenery is completely different. Standing in the noisy store certainly didn't give me any chance to feel fully immersed however.

    I'll be back with more feedback with the Rift whenever it arrives, expecting a better experience with the improved hardware and interactive content. I'm pretty sure VR is here to stay, much like 3D TVs.
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    TIMELESS Super Moderator
    tduck team

    Northern Ireland, UK
    Yeah that's just going to be the thing with VR. Gen 1 is going to have issues that won't be worked out until they're rolled out, used, get feedback, and develop improvements to make a Gen 2. Sounds like fun, but I'm not sure it's worth it. Maybe with kinect, when you don't even have to use a controller.
  7. Ryzza5

    Ryzza5 Notable Member


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