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New Poster, Long time reader.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Skilfil, May 22, 2007.

  1. Skilfil Raging Bull Tamer

    New Zealand
    I've spent some time on this site, mainly just reading things, I decided to become one of the posters. I've played online, not too good, getting the internet installed into my room. Haven't recognized anyone from this site yet. Different time zones, just wondering, why is it on Xbox Live, all these cars seem to go all spastic? As in, I'm racing along, and theres cars that shoot from one side of the road to another then pop back. :wtf: Anyway, hope to see you guys out there.
  2. Who

    Who It's not a tumor.

    Lincolnshire, UK
    welcome aboard.

    what you are experiencing is lag (problems with your connection)

    if you've played online games before you should be no stranger to the concept.

    i dont understand how lag works, so i'll let someone else explain
  3. Baldy

    Baldy Wibble Wobble

    Lancashire, UK
    Welcome aboard the tdu central express. Next stop site to be opened, Yep thats enough of that. Lag works by erm .... by erm... i'll let someone else explain.
  4. Enos

    Enos I spread love via Sigs!!

    Thats for me too... :hmm:
    But im sure you could ->:googleit:it?!
  5. Skilfil

    Skilfil Raging Bull Tamer

    New Zealand
    Ah I see now, thanks for the help lol, atleast I know what it is now. I thought it was this traffic glitch thing that was mention a while ago.
  6. S71NG3R

    S71NG3R New Member

    Hi welcome to the community :)

    What is Lag....? Now that's a good question to ask. From my online racing days we were always trying to understand this. When racing online the last thing we needed was lag. We spent many years trying to full understand it and stop it happening.

    Unfortunately it was never going to happen with 56K modems or slower. :( Then when broadband first appeared we thought this was the answer we were looking for. Ok it dose help but not as much as we hoped.

    I will try and explain as simple as possible:-

    From what we understood lag is when your computer loses information to show where the position of another persons car is that you are connected to. This means it's like a horse that's lost his jockey, the computer displays the car in a random way until it gets information from the computer it is connected to.

    The only way to stop this is to have a perfect connection 100% of the time you are connected together. But in the real world that is not always possible so you will always get this problem. But if everyone had mega broadband this would help because if someone connects with a 56K modem then you will amplify the problem.

    I hope this is clear to understand, remember this is just how we understood lag so there could be a official answer out there somewhere ;)
  7. Nipper

    Nipper \/ The REAL TDUCk \/

    welcome to the boards

    and all i know about lag is that its annoying on RB6, a mate of mine actually shot himself due to lag, cos the bullet flew at such an incredibly slow speed he outrun the bullet, stopped and got shot LOL)
  8. Abstandhalterin

    Abstandhalterin Right Lane Hog

    Skilfil, welcome to TDU-Central! =)
  9. FA430RGT

    FA430RGT Hoods and Alley-ways..

    Welcome to the site!

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