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Missing cars, Diners and more!

Discussion in 'TDU1 - PC' started by RobertLidstroem, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. RobertLidstroem

    RobertLidstroem New Member

    Eslov, Sweden
    Ok, fellas!

    This is not only about missing cars, but here goes:

    1) I am missing some cars that was meant to be in TDU, according to the PC-carslist, in this section of the forum. These are the ones i'm missing:

    -> Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe (NOT the "SE", the "normal", so to say)
    -> Audi RS4 Quattro Saloon (nope, not at the dealers atleast)
    -> Nissan R34 Skyline (nope, only the 350z)

    Yup, i don't have those three...My version of the game is the downloaded one from Atari...can there be a difference between the bought, downloaded one and a purchased DVD-version?

    2) Does anyone race at the "Diners"? I'm really mad at these diners. Whats the point? The races or ONLY for the class A cars OR "Free", which means that you can drive with anything, right? Noway, since you can't see what car the creator of the race used, you get to the startingpoint and head for the first checkpoint...WHAM! You're 5 seconds behind, even though you're woopin' the h*ll out of your poor Gallardo SE :(

    3) I'm at 25% game completion at the point, so this is a huge game, thats for sure! But sometimes many of the races can be very booring...Is there a map to find all the "Vehicle Transport"-missions, so we can get some fast cash? :)

    4) Have anyone started to check the possibilities of editing this game? Converting NFS-cars and put in (of course only in singleplayer, it can't be done in multiplayer, since all gamers needs to have the same cars..)? I've tried to find a tool for opening the .BNK-files, but no luck this far.

    5) Ok, i'm the kind of guy who are really into realism, and i just love the interiors they have in this game, simply amazing! Some things though: Why can't we edit the mirrors, so we don't have to use the mouse to look around, before turning a corner? And maybe some instruments-lighting would be nice?

    Oh, well, just some thoughts after 3 hours of racing today :)

    Awesome site (only english site i could find!!). Too bad the news, screens and mainsite isnt running yet though :(

    Have a nice one!
  2. -Dell-

    -Dell- Formerly known as MR-E46

    Sydney, AU
    1.) I'm missing them too. Maybe they got left out on purpose?

    2.) Yep I hate this diner thing too but meh what can ya do.

    3.) What you do is bring up the challenges bit of the map, and then click on the left side of the map. Then click on all of them except for special I think it is. This then shows the hitchhiker, courier, model pickup and car delivery missions. There's no way to have only the car ones show up though.

    4.) No idea, can't help on this :p

    5.) I'm like that too, I need realism for a game to work for me.
  3. shu_0036

    shu_0036 Blue Ray

    1) No Audi RS4 Quattro Saloon & Nissan R34 Skyline in TDU - PC, & we can't download that one now (maybe latter).
    In Xbox, we need to download them.
    So, no car missing except Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe in your TDU...

    2) NO idea...
    3) Same with -Dell-
    4) TDU is not like GTA : san Andreas...

  4. RobertLidstroem

    RobertLidstroem New Member

    Eslov, Sweden
    No, I know, but the NFS-community (which i've been part of for 5+ years), has modified almost all 10 NFS-games, new user-made cars, better graphics, handling etc etc etc.

    So, someone just need to find a way of editing .bnk-files and we're off :)
  5. Slash300zx

    Slash300zx Rookie

    Miami, USA
    yeah I'd love to see some user made cars for tdu. I miss the days of NFS High Stakes, god I loved that game and not one single game that has come out since then has been as good.
  6. RobertLidstroem

    RobertLidstroem New Member

    Eslov, Sweden
    True indeed! The open roads, supercars and music made it for me! Just pure love! NFS 5 : Porsche was fine aswell, but ever since then it has been going downhill :(

    Thats why my new love is TDU :) Open roads, real supercars (no souped up ricers)!
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