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Logitech G29 / G920 Wheel, Pedals and Gearstick Bundles - £179.99

Discussion in 'Game Deals' started by Diablo, May 11, 2017.

  1. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team Admin

    With the absolute plethora of awesome racers out on all the platforms, and those that are upcoming such as Gran Turismo Sport and Forza Motorsport 7, having a good wheel set just adds to the experience but they can be costly. However at times brilliant deals appear on some of them and here is one on right now!!

    The Logitech range of wheel sets are highly respected amongst players and so if you are looking to step up your racing immersion game, here's your chance!



    Logitech G29 / G920 Wheel, Pedal & Gearstick Bundles - £179.99
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  2. Stories

    Stories New Member

    France, Le Mans
    yeah it's seems a lowprice for a g29, in france (very probably) can't found it new under 270eur (227pounds) actually :nods:

    have never test it but I'm thinking i will don't like all theses plethorics buttons and the fact whose the wheel is not circular = it can be embarassing when playing 900° in hard turns while riding furiously

    so I had a G27 offered and delivery by logitech for free (yeah Logitech is very good :cool:) but I prefered my (breaked return speed) G25 racing wheel and never abandon it since 2008 (bought 299euros)

    bref I had sold the G27 for 100euros (used 2-3 days) few years ago and had always kept the genious/fabulous/extraordinary simple G25 racing wheel (and will always have a G25 near me) :drool:
  3. Ryzza5

    Ryzza5 Notable Member

    On the other hand we're expecting a new steering wheel from Logitech, possibly with McLaren branding. Obviously go with the G29 if it's now attainable (but keep in mind it's virtually a G27 with a "security chip").
  4. Ozzmcom

    Ozzmcom BBW-ingame

    yeah I hate the buttons on wheel as well. Looks like a $50 wheel. Also I don't like how they didn't re-introduce the sequential stick to the shifter. Massive downgrade from g25. I'd honestly look into thrustmaster wheels. The quality is substantially better.
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  5. Stories

    Stories New Member

    France, Le Mans
    for sure we need only a G25 remastered at all :rolleyes: (but wood/alu wheels are really interesting too, but near 1200eur by wheel/speed shifter kit)

    TIMELESS Super Moderator
    tduck team

    Northern Ireland, UK
    Haha yeah, bring back the G25. I mean my G27 is great, and it's served me well these past few years (5?) but I'd really like a sequential shifter.
  7. carlos_69

    carlos_69 OMG EVO

    During christmas amazon.fr was doing a deal on logitech products and i was able to buy g920 with the gearstick for around 230€ shipped to corsega and for me that was a bargain since i was looking for a wheel for a long time.

    So now for 220€ maybe plus shipping is great deal for people looking for wheel.

    Regarding the wheel i don't like the brake pedal. They tried to go with real car feel and it makes it hard to brake, i mean you really have to put your foot down to brake hard and not even in a Renault Master the break pedal feels this hard while breaking slowly
  8. Stories

    Stories New Member

    France, Le Mans
    I didin't knew about theses reductions, I saw medium price in the higher reference shop in france and a G29 actually sound like +270eur + shipping

    LOGITECH Volant de Course G29 Driving Force - PS4 et PC - Prix pas cher - Cdiscount (289 eur in cdiscount, 1 of the larger shop in france)

    @ozzcom "Also I don't like how they didn't re-introduce the sequential stick to the shifter"

    yeah for sure, the G25 was the most simple but too the most complete with his all gears shiftable (include the stick like you said), thats why it's my favourite logitech ; so the render in the game seems really better than the G27, we really feel the road with G25 especially in TDU1

    when I tried the G27 with TDU2 after G25 with TDU1 there was really like the night and the day, absolutly the opposite in feels, there was like a 2011 new Bentley comparse to an 1960 Alfa romeo :para:

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