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Forza Horizon 3 Loek's FH3 pictures

Discussion in 'Screens, Videos & Streams' started by Loek, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    7 individual shots of the new Playseat Car Pack:

    DB11 in the outback

    Drifting in the ATS-V

    hdt commodore.jpg
    Not too familiar with the HDT Commodore so I guess it makes a nice off-road beater :D

    civic type-r.jpg
    Civic Type-R fits right into the city...

    ...S800 fits right on to the beach.

    alpine gta.jpg
    Ye olden Alpine (a very nice car to drive)

    corsa vxr.jpg
    A suspiciously green Corsa in the city.
  2. RobikV3

    RobikV3 RB26DETT

    Nice pics tho, a bit over saturated for my likings

    About the Lykan i bought one then i sold it, nothing really special for that amount of money
  3. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    Thanks, I'm aware of that, others have told me, too. I am fiddling with it; next time the shots will probably be "naturally lighted" ;)

    True, I got it via Forzathon, I was really hesitant to buy it because 3.4m is a lot of money for such a car.

    I had a nice championship idea called "iPay", it's basically a series of challenges in which only cars from the carpacks are eligible. So I covered up my terrible photo filter by some night shots.

    hdt commodore 2.jpg

    For some reason the Titan Warriors were very dominant, however my mighty HDT Commodore could wreck them. Well, not literally, but you know.

    s800 2.jpg

    I swapped the S800 with a motorbike engine (presumably Ducati, judging by the sound which is similar to the TDU2 sound of a Ducati Desmo RR), and upgraded it to A 800 class. Suddenly the acceleration is so deadly that the Titan Warriors are gone! However, they could make up some in the bends. Forgot to equip rally tires, d'oh!
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  4. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team

    You have been busy and as usual have posted a tasty selection of images showing so many different scenes and there are too many to pick out from it, but I like that Noble M600 shot so much so I have to give it special mention! :nuts:
  5. Ryzza5

    Ryzza5 Notable Member

    It's not even midday but for some reason I read that post as "a tasty selection of sausages" :drool: :fp:
  6. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    Thanks lads :)

    Some more randoms and almost-tbc-entries:


    Clio in the city...

    Okay, I'm making too many night shots.

    hellcat lbw.jpg
    First attempt for tbc. Can't like it, though.

    mustang gt350r 2.jpg
    At first I chose this one, because it speaks more "muscle-y" to me. The overall composition on the one I chose was better...

    mustang shelby 1.jpg
    ...which is this one.

    Lighting and positioning: terrible. Idea: great.

    cts v 5.jpg
    Wasn't me!

    Out of the final five, if you happen to like one of the shots more than the red Shelby one, I'll have a second look on my tbc entry.
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  7. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team

    That two car idea would indeed work well, just need to nail the placement really.
  8. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    Got back from my vacation, so here's some shots.
    If there's a thread in which I can share some nice vacation photo's, I'll post them there ;)

    p1 2.jpg
    My new wallpaper (I really like this shot :) )

    Some jumpz in the 205, a great rally car.

    c63 he 3.jpg
    C63 + construction site + sunrise = awesomeness?

    m4 liberty walk 2.jpg
    Got me a nice LBW kit for the M4.

    488 2.jpg
    Not sure about these two shots, I really like the 488 but I'm hesitant about how I captured it on these two pictures.

    pursute he 2.jpg
    Finally managed to get myself one of these; a FPV Pursuit Ute Horizon Edition. Drives ace!

    pursute he.jpg
    With which I found a nice sunrise, again :D
  9. mau92

    mau92 Well-Known Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    The second 488 shot is spot on! Btw, if you want to open a thread about the cars you spotted there, go ahead and open it. Or if it's about cars and other stuff you can open it at "Photography and graphics" section ;)
  10. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team

    Damn man, that P1 shot is nuts! Can see why you printed it out and decorated your room with it. :p I also really like the 205 shot because of the sky behind it, damn this game has some awesome clouds. I mean just look at them people! :cool:
  11. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    @mau92 I found it, thanks :) will upload them soon.
    @Diablo hehe thank you! The sky is a big reason for me using photomode in any game :)

    Some from today...

    s1 quattro.jpg

    Speaking of sky, this one came out rather nice...

    But then, in a complete coincidence, I found out how the zoom function on Xbox works (yes, I am a total pleb for not realising this sooner), which meant I could go rather ham on some nice shots. So, here's some randoms, from new and more realistic angles.

    s1 quattro 2.jpg

    That same Audi...

    r8 v10 plus 5.jpg

    A new Audi...

    x6 2.jpg

    I have a love/hate relationship with the X6, but I decided it could look nice on photo's.


    I don't like to brag, but this could be my best shot I've ever made on Forza. In terms of realism, that is.

    dawn 2.jpg

    This meant I got all hyped for the next bunch, they're probably worse than what I thought when I made them but hey. This Dawn in the city is nice.

    fpace 2.jpg

    Skidz in the F-Pace.

    polestar v60 2.jpg

    A Polestar in the dawn or something.

    i8 2.jpg

    i8 in the rainforest :)

    i8 3.jpg

    Including the Surfers Paradise Skyline...

    lfa 2.jpg

    This shot is dam nice (see what I did there)


    The same love/hate relationship status with the MX-5.

    amg gtr 3.jpg

    Trying out 'dem colorz with the AMG GTR...

    db11 2.jpg

    And the DB11.

    So, has this been an improvement, already overused, or just perfect? Currently, I think the latter, but it's because the zoom function is a known system for improving photo's, I've learned from other games.
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  12. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team

    What a magnificent set this latest series is!! :nuts: Simply outstanding shots mate. The McLaren shot is a pure peach of a pic and is one of the most photorealistic* I've seen posted on here. The others that make me go 'woah' are the first i8 pic, the colours are lovely with how they contrast, and the Merc-AMG.

    This new (but actually old ;)) technique you have discovered provides another option for your pics, I don't think it should take over but it certainly would be good to see you mixing wide, normal and close-up shots in them for sure. :D
  13. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    Thanks a lot Diablo! I'm still experimenting with the photo mode, so the next bunch is also mostly experimental but I hope you still like them :)


    Back in the snøw...

    rs4 2.jpg

    I tried skids in this RS4 but it's damn hard with winter tires and 4wd.


    The new Lola... (I edited this one to get rid of the FH3 logo)

    TBC entries:

    v60 1.jpg
    v60 2.jpg
    v60 4.jpg

    And I eventually went with this:

    v60 3.jpg

    If you like one of the other three more, please do let me know. If you like neither, I might get back and make some more pics.


    Although I'm terrible at photoshop and it's not my idea, I tried this, and I liked it :)


    Reminded me that the SL65BS is one of my dream cars and I never drove it in Forza. So I built it up, painted it, and boy, is it nice.
  14. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    All the new Duracell cars (except the 507 because I don't have 1,2 million and it wasn't free upon first purchase...)


    Camaro ZL1, which is beast...

    falcon gt.jpg

    '92 Falcon which is enjoyably modest


    XE-S, turning that name around gives my opinion on this car's looks...

    land rover 3.jpg

    LR Series III which makes me wanna go out, buy one, and travel the world


    Nissan GT-R Le Mans, which has holy sound


    GTA Spano Duracell Edition, which is not electric but still has battery powered written all over it :hmmm:


    Tamo Racemo which is odd, but has a very nice interior and drives nice


    Volvo "be there or be square" 242 Turbo Evo, which is incredibly 80's, which I know without ever living in that decade. Ha!
  15. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    Randoms from today... rallying and suspicious findings of black saloons... only just realised I had three of them after making the pictures.

    focus rx.jpg
    focus rx 2.jpg
    xfrs 3.jpg
    ghibli 2.jpg
    model s 4.jpg
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  16. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    continental ss.jpg

    The new Continental which is pretty nice to drive (and looks great because it's a Bentley)

    ranger 3.jpg

    Ranger Action shot :p


    I felt like photographing some typical race/rally cars (although this bunch contains more than just that)

    subaru vt15 2.jpg

    The Subaru VT15r which should be kept stock imo, with my upgrades it becomes rather meh.

    titan 2.jpg

    Mean Warrior...

    falcon fg17 2.jpg

    Aussie Touring Car

    model s 6.jpg

    Wanted to photograph my white Model S, when it was wet...

    model s 5.jpg



    Lexus GS350, an underrated car if you ask me.

    falcon xagtho.jpg

    Classic car, classic shot.


    Hectic city, brutal AMG...

    tts 5.jpg

    In the dark, where mean looking creatures emerge...

    tts 4.jpg

    Actually it's just an Audi TT.

    falcon xr8 9.jpg

    Some messing around with light effects in the dark. Turned out pretty good, imo.
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  17. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    Hypercar edition:


    I don't really like this one, probably because of the wheel lock which caused the smoke.

    I hate the Centenario but I like these shots.

    centenario 2.jpg


    LaF in the sunrise...
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  18. Paladin Skylark

    Ontario, Canada
    Very nice work!
  19. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    Thanks @Paladin Skylark

    More randoms from today:

    xe-s 3.jpg
    xe-s 2.jpg
    Racing in the XE...

    f type 2.jpg
    And the F-Type.

    pursute 2.jpg
    The FPV Purs-ute which is a guilty pleasure.

    Probably a future barnfind location. You've read it here first :)

    eau rouge 3.jpg
    eau rouge 2.jpg
    The Q50 ER in very gloomy weather.

    rj anderson 2.jpg
    Random rally trucking.
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  20. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    Been a while since I updated here! Here are all the images I made during the last few days.


    I was finally able to afford a BMW 507. So I bought one.


    I drive this Supra rather often but rarely post it. Time to change that.


    I don't particularly like this Evora but it brings back some nice TDU2 memories.


    Pink lakes and a Maloo...

    300 sel 63.jpg

    One of the better Forzathon gifts, the 300 SEL which I immeadiatly converted into a 300 SEL 6.8.

    zl1 3.jpg

    Drifting close to AI's for the "Lucky Escape" skills for Forzathon, only one car suitable for the job...

    zl1 2.jpg



    Huracan SV/Performante style, looks pretty nice imo.

    I wanted to redo my F12 indoor photography.
    f12b 5.jpg
    f12b 4.jpg
    f12b 3.jpg
    f12b 2.jpg
    Did it work?

    m6 2.jpg
    Random parked M6 shot which I sort of like and sort of meh.

    amg gtr 4.jpg m6.jpg
    Saw this technique being used on the webs and by Mau, so I tried it too.

    500 abarth.jpg
    Blending in...
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