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Forza Horizon 3 Loek's FH3 pictures

Discussion in 'Screens, Videos & Streams' started by Loek, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team Admin

    I do love the little captions you put with your pics at times, that Reliant one I was expecting but still made me laugh! :lol: Your final shot is a real peach, the sense of speed and the brightness coupled with the low-slung pov makes for quite the stunning image imo.
  2. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    Thanks Diablo! Sorry for the late reply, I didn't make enough pictures to make another post so I return after a while :)

    Just some randoms, again. Like this German duel in the dirt:


    What? Another shot of the Falcon?
    I.... I just happened to be driving it. The opportunity for this, imo, beautiful shot, was there for any car.

    falcon xr8 3.jpg

    "Waste of good donuts"
    (you're a hero if you know what that quote means compared to this pic)

    crown vic.jpg

    Today in "the improbable duel": An AMG GT S, featuring a CTS-V.

    amg gt 3.jpg

    This shot reminded me of a sort of "cover shot" for this game. With all the different kinds of cars...

    nomad 2.jpg

    And then I got the new update! Got really hyped when I saw the new NSX, and it immeadiatly got the task to do some barnfind hunting!

    nsx 17.jpg

    Then I wanted to farm some credits and exp and this happened. Oops! (this is the M4 GTS by the way)

    m4 gts.jpg

    Then we move over to, what's in my eyes, the star of this update. The Talbot Lotus Sunbeam. Why? Because it's unexpected and because I have a weak for French 80's cars. And because it's a damn good rally-cross car.

    sunbeam lotus.jpg
  3. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team Admin

    Haha great set and worth the wait. I think I know the 'donuts' quip reference from GTA SA though it could about be an older NFS advert too. Out of this lot though, I have to give it to that absolutely stellar Merc vs Cadillac shot!
  4. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    Thanks Diablo! You're right, it was from one of the final missions in the LS area of GTA;San Andreas, an epic police chase in which two biker cops drop their donuts and say it! It was one of my favorite missions, but the highlight was driving through the Sprunk sign, changing the slogan from "A taste of things to come" to "A taste of [.....] come" Just that Rockstar mentality. I love it.

    Anyway, I discovered the Forza Gallery has a storage limit, and because I paste my images via direct URL, in order to not make my shots disappear one by one, I need to save them all and upload them manually. This takes time, so let me take you through some behind the scenes, shots I've made that never made it onto this page.

    But first, special mention to my new favorite car in the game:

    f150 he.jpg

    Yes, it's a Raptor. But because I'm a showoff, it's a Horizon Edition. Because it's even better.
    Why do I love it so much? Because it can do everything. Yes, I said it. Everything.
    Being much faster than everyone on an asphalt circuit? Got that covered.
    Owning everyone in a Rallycross Race? Yep, done that.
    Full sprint trail with some asphalt in it? Yes, did that.
    Beating Audi R8 and Ferrari 488 GTB on the Goliath Circuit? Oh, ofcourse I did that.
    And earning 355k credits and 7 levelups from that same race? Yeah, absolutely.
    Being able to park within the lines in a city parking space? ....

    f150 he 2.jpg

    What, did you expect anything other than success?
    And while we're at it, but this is personal, with the better front bumper and the spare wheel storage in the trunk, it looks beast too. Combine this with the Horizon Edition ADV.1 wheels and the stellar paintjob and this can, imo, only be described as a beast on wheels.
    Anyway, I really love this car, it's more versatile than any American car I've ever known, while still being as patriotic as a US car can ever be. It's a brilliant car, sorry, truck!

    Anyway, on to the oldies. Remember, this has all been made in week 1 but never posted!

    vantage gt12 1.jpg

    Giving the GT12 some rest after a heavy off-road session.

    r8 v10 plus 1.jpg

    I really loved the R8 back then.

    458 speciale 1.jpg

    I personally think the 458 is overrated (it's beautiful, don't get me wrong, but it's a bit "basic", like "once I get enough money I buy a 458 and I'm the God of supercar territory" mentality). Personal touch, but still, Ferrari's are brilliant. But I miss the NA sound of the 458 once you get a 488 GTB. The middle road it is, via this 458 Speciale.

    458 speciale 2.jpg

    Squad Goals ;)

    r8 v10 plus 2.jpg

    More R8.

    695 biposto 2.jpg

    Action shot of the brilliant 695 Biposto.

    458 speciale 3.jpg

    Wet shot of the 458S.

    gt 1.jpg

    After another heavy off-road session, the Ford GT also needs some rest.

    And I'm off to do some other things, this could be my last update in this thread for a while.
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  5. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team Admin

    Haha that run down of things the special edition Raptor can do was so well done. That finisher. :lol:

    Awesome awesome shots throughout as always. You really do have a way of putting things across in both text and image and it's quite a talent with how easy you do it too imo. As you know though, I always like to pick out a favourite and I think it will come of no surprise when I say it is the plucky little Abarth vs train. The vibrant colours suit the action and actually make it look like it could be a still from a Pixar movie.

    Best of luck with what you need to do and I look forward to your next update whenever that may be. :D
  6. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    Thanks a lot Diablo! I guess the real reason why I'm used to this "image/text" style is because of this (an old thread of mine from the ETS2 time). Please don't act like I'm leaving, I will keep you updated, I just need 1-2 days time. My schedule is busy, with a lot of exams at school, and (hype) my first driving lesson ever, coming this week :)
  7. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    I still managed to sneak some shots in, while the old ones might be disappearing one by one... Let's see how that works out later on.

    f150 he 3.jpg

    Can't stop loving my Raptor HE. It has given me so many credits, it's amazing.

    polestar 3.jpg

    Because it suits my FH3 username so well, I found out when making the Polestar S2 class, you can actually make a decent drift car with RWD and max upgrades.

    The matte carbon wrap with the green accents is an afterthought. I'm not sure if I can handle a non-Rebel Blue Polestar that well.


    Then I found out you can actually get the Transit SSV without the racy bumpers and what not, which meant I made the ultimate sleeper. How does 1057 HP, top speed of 350 km/h in a plastic-bumpered van, sound? It's a very funny build and I cannot wait to test it online.


    My Jon Olsson edition S1. Wrapped it myself. I guess it's nice?

    For this months banner contest, I made four entries, of which my personal favorite is the one I posted in the actual thread. But, there's a few more which I also really liked and I might swap the Focus out for one of these.

    So for Team Green, I took the Focus RS which is in the TBC thread...


    For Team Red, I couldn't do without a Ferrari...

    f type p7.jpg

    Another one for Team Red is this amazing F-Type Project 7...

    atom 500.jpg

    And because I hate gold-chrome-wrapped cars, I used an Ariel Atom for Team Gold, which can also be considered partially Team Red.

    Maybe if you like any of the three final shots more than my Focus shot, I can swap them around a bit :)
  8. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands

    Only one shot today. Had like 10 minutes to check out the BM DLC. I had to test the ice lake and the Titan Warrior though!
  9. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team Admin

    Buddy you need to be downloading your shots and saving them to your own PC as they seem to be getting lost when being remote linked from the Forza site. :( Grab them then throw them up on our Gallery. You've been plenty active and will have a good amount of slots available to use. :)

    Now for the pics. That courier Transit is going to have no excuses for any late deliveries with that sort of power, bet it's a real hand full though. Top S1 livery, I know the type you are going after and I think you've nailed it down well with what you've ended up with. I can see why you went with the Focus though I would definitely swing towards the Ferrari if a change was to be done as it looks really aggressive with the pose you have it in. The Atom is a great all-round shot and exudes just pure driving fun imo.

    And for your latest. With the way you have it setup, to me it looks like Jesus enjoying some high-speed driving over some tropical coloured seas with a glorious white sandy beach in the distance. :insane:
  10. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    I'm back here after a while, because I have finally fixed my gallery issues. Every shot is now embedded from my PC and is there to stay. So there are no blank spaces anymore, no errors, everything which is here, stays here. Pfew!

    Back to the latest adventures. And boy, do I have a crap-load of pics for you today. Played a lot, photographed a lot, posted nothing. On to:

    exp 10 s6.jpg

    The EXP 10 Speed 6 versus an XJ 220.

    amg gtr.jpg

    City speeding in the AMG GT-R...

    amg gtr 2.jpg

    ...Which ended with me loving life when the sun came down.


    Off-roading in the F-Pace


    My current entry for TBC: One:1 vs Ice Lake

    one-1 2.jpg

    And ofcourse, One:1 vs Digger. :D

    rj anderson.jpg

    The Polaris RJ Anderson Pro Truck thing, which, with my setup, is pretty crap. But hey.

    subaru vt15.jpg

    Blizzard driftz in the Subaru VT15r.

    one-1 3.jpg

    Early morning in the One:1

    m2 3.jpg

    In the M2, discovering this game actually has rainbows. OMG

    huracan he3.jpg

    For a Red Bull painted car I temporarily had Red:Bull as my vanity plate. Sometimes things just add up...

    This week

    That concludes the randoms I still had laying around. On to what I actually wanted to post.

    a45 2.jpg

    Jumping in the A45


    Night time in the Megane

    corvette z06 2.jpg

    Got the 'Vette pretty dirty...


    Just released: the Rockstar Car Pack. I had a lot of fun in the barnfind from this update, but because I hate spoiling, find out yourself :)


    A very controversial car, the Bentayga. I really like it for some reason, especially this nice barnfind hunt, which was harder than I expected.


    I felt the need for a red i8. Without the blue accents. Boring spec maybe, but I like it :)

    polestar v60.jpg

    Yaaass, another Polestar! The V60, which I wanted for a while now. With my riced out S60 Polestar, this car has the purpose to stay stock. But it can still slide :D
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  11. mau92

    mau92 Well-Known Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Wow! Red suits so well the i8
  12. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team Admin

    Very much liking that One:1 early morning shot and the one with the BMW with the rainbow in the background. :p I have to repeat what @mau92 says above, but also add that the way the pic has been setup gives the car some serious presence and really shows off how good this car has been styled. That red and black works extremely well on it! :D
  13. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    Thanks lads! The i8 turned out better than I hoped! It's a shame that the wheels look black in this picture, they're actually Galvanized Steel, which looks great imo :)
  14. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    Not much today. Some crazy weather while cross-countrying the Bentayga, thurrowly testing and making a livery for the Radical and off-roading in the Tesla of Irony :)

    bentayga 2.jpg


    model s 3.jpg

    Personal highlight was 3 lapping the Goliath circuit (300k credits) in the M4 GTS, started at night, enjoyed the epic sunrise:

    m4 gts 2.jpg
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  15. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team Admin

    It was all worth it for that epic picture. That is just beautiful!
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  16. Rassva

    Rassva Lannister

    Brasov, Romania
    That Bentley pic has some really cool lighting.
  17. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    Thanks lads :)

    Today was a BMW and colored-ish day. I built two M5's, one of them I made mafia style:


    This is the Aventador V12 swapped one with 1600 HP, it handles like crap but hey, it's mafia. Capable of travelling at around 250 km/h on every surface within a heartbeat.

    m5 2.jpg

    I'll take this one, the supposed-to-be-1M-Orange, with the stock engine and some handling upgrades. And bigger, brushed silver wheels. Mmmm.


    Messing around with chrome tints ended in this aqua-ish M4. I like this color a lot, would wrap my dad's car this color if it wasn't so bloody expensive :D

    m4 2.jpg

    Detail shot...

    I'll be back with some more interesting and diverse shots, ASAP.
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  18. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    A few randoms today. Featuring cars I drive often but rarely post pictures of.

    Orange/Gold-ish RS4:


    Ford Transit Wegenwacht (Dutch AA)

    transit 2.jpg

    Ford Falcon XR8 (okay, to be fair, I do post this one a lot)

    falcon xr8 8.jpg

    C63 HE which I won today

    c63 he.jpg

    Lexus LFA (dat sound :eek: )

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  19. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    Got some more here

    mustang he.jpg

    Random jumps with the same Torana everytime :D

    mustang he2.jpg


    Some random artsy shot of the C 63S.


    Night shot of the 575M.


    cherokee 2.jpg

    Trailhawk bodykit for the Cherokee, love this!


    svx 2.jpg

    Some "just not suitable" ones for tbc. I eventually went with this one:

    lancer evovi.jpg


    Flames in the RS.

    m5 3.jpg

    Dark clouds in the colorful M5...


    AMG Galant in the city...

    c63 he 2.jpg

    Forzathon needed some Mercedes races so I made a Mercedes championship, here's a nice shot out of one of those races.

    m3 97.jpg

    Ye olde M3


    Colorful speedy 570S...
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  20. Loek

    Loek Alleged estate fetishist

    The Netherlands
    Randoms from the past couple of days

    mustang gt350r.jpg
    Bit of off-road Shelby action.

    The Metro Horizon Edition, which for some reason can be modified to X Class. Not a very special car to drive though.

    Highway cruisin' in the Dawn.

    exp 10 s6 2.jpg
    I thought the EXP needed a stationairy shot, so I found this nice square behind a nice building which does the trick.

    For TBC, I eventually went with this one.

    Forzathon got me one of these, a Lykan HS. Like all my hypercars (except the LaF because it looks boring as hell) I specced it in Exposed Gloss Carbon with aliuminium wheels. Looks pretty ace if you ask me.
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