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Released Ibiza Renovation V.2

Discussion in 'Environment Mods' started by Ramon1991cobra, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Ramon1991cobra

    Ramon1991cobra Active Member

    Buenos Aires
    Ibiza Renovation V.2 :duck:

    Test Drive Unlimited 2\Euro\Bnk

    -Updated textures.
    -Small improvement in the reflection of the cars, not the same as Hawaii (because the distant trees disappeared) but is better than the original.
    -More variety of grass and plantations (new sunflower and vineyards).
    -New texture for parked vehicles.
    -New ambient sounds.
    -Has included ''Branded Gas Station Mod'' by XanderNL and "AGIP" gas station mod by MagicV8.
    -Mod for spring and summer.

    Changes will be made when changing island (Airport) or restarting the game.

    Download Links:


    Grass and plantations for choose, the folder that is chosen is for the final combination (photos and video made with long grass)



    IMPORTANT - Back up the original game archives folders because I do not know if it works on low-end computers.

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  2. MagicV8

    MagicV8 Well-Known Member

    Drivers Paradise
    Just awesome, bro, top mod :tup::tup::tup: :)
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  3. Wohoo, top notch mod :bigsmile:
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  4. TDU3FTW

    TDU3FTW Active Member

    Thanks a lot, another outstanding mod and a breath of fresh air into the game! Keep it up :tup:
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  5. GT4'n more

    GT4'n more Rookie

    Runs fine on my slow laptop:tup::)

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