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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by DJSalajutsu, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. DJSalajutsu

    DJSalajutsu New Member

    Greetings! I'm pat, from the US.

    I was actually around tdu central when it was still called tdu-central. Back when Doctor G was the master of sound mods :) sure do miss many of them...
    I remember TDUZoqqer, though he probably doesn't remember me.
    I remember StarGT's mods and fifomaniak's sounds (what happened to fifo?)
    Used to do many a cruise in TDU1 with many people...it was so much fun!!!!

    I found out only yesterday that TDU1 is back online and I can't even properly express just how unrealistically happy I am!!

    Thank you guys so much!

    Also a huge thank you to the guys involved with making TDU2 at least reasonably playable. Especially the cam hack and unofficial patch. (fake look-to-apex gives me headaches)

    Anyways, I'm mostly a sim racer, AC, rF2, Dirt Rally, GSC, but I love TDU with a true passion. I've lost many days and night to it's captivation and charm.

    I'm DJSalajutsu - The Salamander on steam, add me if you would like to cruise! Mostly TDU1. I'm still deciding on whether or not to keep TDU2 on my SSD. Not sure.

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  2. Microphone

    Microphone #Myk2016
    tduck team

    Hey DJ :hiya: Welcome Back to TDU-C(K)! :D

    Good to have an old face back around these parts.
  3. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team Admin

    Old face, same trousers.

    Don't know where I'm going with the above but I'll veer off and say welcome back to the wonderful word of tduceekay Pat. I'm angry you left but not so much that I feel the need to say I am. So yeah, cool to have an old member come crawling back begging for dishwasher tablets. Damn autocorrect!

  4. Camel

    Camel New Member

    Welcome to the duck! Whoooosh.

    :welcome: back. You should know the drill already, he's called Bill. But I digress. Please leave your teeth somewhere for us.

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