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Halo 3

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Hammy, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Hammy

    Hammy DoUcHe BaG

    Newcastle, England
    k who like me has Halo 3 early ? It Roxorz my boxorz tbh lol
  2. Pherelas

    Pherelas I'm Going Slightly mad

    The Dark Side of the Moon
    Where you get it from? Will go into town Monday and get my copy probably, got a couple of two hour free's.

    Just found out its the 26th, did that change or is it just me, still have 5 hours off then.
  3. Nodz86

    Nodz86 ____________

    Essex, England
    I know that Argos started selling them online for delivery or instore collection on the 19th/20th then someone noticed and I believe M$ done there nut at them.

    The only trouble with getting games early on the 360 is that if you play a game before the official release date and connected to XBL with it being on your played games list or you playing it they ban your Xbox from XBL and your account.

    Whlst on the subject of Halo 3 the special edition with the helmet has sold out through pre orders, the limited edition has nearly sold out through pre orders, so most people on release day will only be able to get the normal edition.

    Heres the article about Halo 3 being sold early that I found on the MG forum I use:

  4. Nige

    Nige Buy American ....

    Calgary, AB
    I ain't gonna waste my money on Halo 3 !

    I played Halo it was boring, I played Halo 2 it was boring and tbh honest I don't know what all the fuss is about. Its one of those games thats overated and most people only buy it because its 'cool' to have.

    Bring on NHL 2K8 :excited: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Marc_CRX

    Marc_CRX Tail End Out!!

    Belfast, Northern Ireland
    Downloaded the Beta, played it once, most over rated game in the world tbh, bring on Ace Combat 6 :D
  6. SupermAnthony

    SupermAnthony Man Of Steel

    RocKdale, Lancs
    MS have already said they're not banning people's accounts and they hope the people who have it early enjoy the game. Halo has never been a game I have liked. My FPS have to have a realistic feel to the guns such as Rainbow 6: Vegas and have to provide realistic shooting. Halo has always felt generic to me and don't get me started on how boring the weapons feel. This is one 360 game I'll be giving a miss.

    Now, Ninja Gaiden 2, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, Resident Evil 5, Alan Wake, Call Of Duty 4 and Silent Hill 5 are games I am certainly looking forward to. Particularly the first 2!!
  7. Car Freak

    Car Freak loves dirt too

  8. racketyluis

    racketyluis Rookie

    new york
    halo 3 has been a great game not that much laggers but there still are some especially when thery're driving a vehicle like a mongoose... also when are we cruising in tdu if we cruise please message me!!!!
    #8 racketyluis, Oct 9, 2007
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2007
  9. khevolution

    khevolution Most likely To Hit a Tree

    Brighton, UK
    well i managed to get the game for £20 ( i love a bargain), which arrived through the post yesterday, still hasn't quite made it to my xbox yet, the only this that does interest me in this game, its the Co-op campaign mode, cause when i played halo single player campaign was sooooooo boring, but add another player the equation and it actually was good fun
  10. Hammy

    Hammy DoUcHe BaG

    Newcastle, England
    i love co-op. me and my friend allways end up racing around or killing each other tho lol
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