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Had a Bad Day? Post Your Story Here

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by "Hedge", Oct 8, 2010.

  1. "Hedge"

    "Hedge" a.k.a. Tdu_Hedge

    made this thread for those who have bad days such as me...........

    So today, i was in class getting myself ready for the next class, as i stepped into the halls, i approached the stairs where i didnt c any liquid..............out of no where i slipped and fell down the stairs LMFAO, good thing no1 really saw me, got back up and headed to class

    Talk about a bad day ehh? lol
  2. t.

    t. Retired

    Southside, UK
    I'm ill, and had to cancel my trip to London. Sad times.
  3. Camel

    Camel New Member

    I ate a piece of treacle cake, made me feel sick. Terrible terrible day.
  4. Clint the pimp

    Clint the pimp Official fish drifter.

    Today, I'm finding it difficult to blink because a string on my guitar snapped while I was putting it on and it cut my eyelid, I also have to buy another set of new strings.
  5. CLR-GTR

    CLR-GTR Bunchie farmer

    C218 323
    Ahh, school accidents :thumbsup: xD. Luckily nobody saw you in free fall/tumble :p. Enough people saw me getting my entire chin open when I fell over somebody's leg when I was 7 (I was inside, the guys playing football outside heard me scream), and classmates witnessed I almost fell through a huge 2m by 2m single-glass window from the second floor on high-school.

    Not really a bad day today in total, but we are having lots of problems again with the company we get tv from, the sound continues to disable or to have a high screetch of bad reach or something, I'm really getting sick of all those problems, also because it just kills the entire mood in this family, everybody goes into war and misery mode (me too, too bad).

    GTAMADDOG Dreaming in Splendour

    Applied for a couple of jobs yesterday over the nets. For some reason I expected an e-mail today but I haven't got one from either person.

    Not that bad, really. If it gets to a week without hearing anything then I'll probably cry.

    Suprisingly enough I'm fed up of being sat in the house..
  7. hpluls

    hpluls Bogan Chariot Aficionado

    Lower Silesia, Poland
    Got a sore thumb from too much gaming, bawwwww.

    /lame excuse to post in thread
  8. And3rs

    And3rs Here for my yearly visit

    Østfold, Norway
    Couldn't get into my house without a key and didnt have my phone. Outside/slept in our cabrio for 4 hours..
  9. Microphone

    Microphone #Myk2016
    tduck team

    Walked across a school field to find myself in the middle of a rugby game for the second time this week, sad times.
  10. Acid44

    Acid44 Beercules

    Toroto, Ontario, Canadadadadia
    That happened to me in high school, my school's team was extremely proud to be the most violent of their contenders...
  11. ScoobSTi

    ScoobSTi New Member

    New York
    Trains got delayed like 10847618361 times, late to school?

    /Like HP, lame excuse to post in this thread.
  12. Penfold

    Penfold Yes.

    :lol: The rugby match ones make me laugh when I picture them in my head :D

    Hmm pretty average day tbh, probably the worse thing was sitting on a spikey bush ><
  13. Not Saop

    Not Saop Too many people hate me

    Why do you care?
    I can't talk to the girl I like because I'm an effin' wuss, I'm autistic, I snap too easily, and I get teased too much.

    Is that bad enough for you?
  14. iLLGT3

    iLLGT3 New Member

    Really, really ironic that this thread pops up on the first "bad" day I've had in over a year.

    I recently started a new job at Walgreens. For those outside of the US, Walgreens is the biggest pharmacy in the US, (and also a grocery store) and one of the biggest companies in the US...

    I had a guy come in today around 9:00AM. He browsed the store for awhile and decided to buy some printer paper. He was around 20-25 years of age. I scanned the paper and the total was around $6.00. He gave me a $20 and while I was in the process of giving his change to him, he asked if I could give him 5 $1.00 for his $5.00. I said sure and proceeded to give him the 5 $1's.

    In the back of my mind, I knew that this is an exact setup for a "quick-change trick." This guy wanted me to give him the 5 $1's and his 5 back by saying that I never gave him the change. He was a horrible "quick-change artist" because the money was still out and visible to him and I. The story ends with him losing the small argument and walking out with his paper and the correct amount of change.

    Maybe not a bad day but if he had gotten away, it could have been a lot worse.
  15. Leadfoot[YT]

    Leadfoot[YT] COTM Creator

    New England, USA
    Great timing, this thread. :rolleyes: My day was horrible; does anyone here have a "Wellness" class? For those who don't, it's sort like Health and Gym combined for budget reasons or something, and is usually taught by the guy was supposed to be the gym teacher but isn't and coaches for a sports team. My school makes it mandatory for one year, and its pretty bad.

    Rather than going into details, let's just say that my Wellness teacher and I have different points of view on career decisions. :rolleyes:

    That's rough. :( These things take time, though - have patience. :)

    #15 Leadfoot[YT], Oct 9, 2010
    Last edited by Leadfoot[YT]: Oct 9, 2010
  16. iLLGT3

    iLLGT3 New Member

    This should be renamed the FML thread.
  17. ScoobSTi

    ScoobSTi New Member

    New York
    We've got quite a few sites for that. Not really any need for a thread. :rolleyes:
  18. TDUFREAK500

    TDUFREAK500 Rotary <3

    Tauranga, New Zealand
    ahhh that sucks I have a boy in my class that has autism as well anyway it took me a year to bring myself to ask out the girl I like and I get bullied all the time as well and I have a really short temper. I am sure you will be able to talk to her all it takes is a bit of work and a bit of time you will get there in end :)
    #18 TDUFREAK500, Oct 9, 2010
    Last edited by TDUFREAK500: Oct 9, 2010
  19. Mr. Bean

    Mr. Bean Did ya say' something?

    Instead of relaxing this saturday, first i have to go see an opera, because my Music teacher gives poor grades if we don't, then i'm having a math class at 5PM, and then? Then' i'll sleep :zzz2:
  20. superhyper

    superhyper mamamamamamamadness

    To keep on the "girl I like" -talk, I haven't spoken to the girl I like for some time now, and still, the biggest *ahem* in my class keeps bullying me about it...

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