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G'Day everyone

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by jambo, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. jambo TDU Lord

    Yet another Atari forumer fed up with the noobs and bitching. Someone mentioned these forums and I searched and found them, and thank christ for that. The official forums are just buggered basically, but enough of that.

    As some of the more astute members (i.e. those who can read) might have guessed, I am jambo. I'm an Aussie, 19 years old and male. I've been playing TDU since it was released and lucky for me I have had no bugs or problems at all! I enjoy racing games a lot, having grown up playing the NFS and TD series. The only games I love more than racers are FPSs. I regularly play CSS, DoDS, BF2, ET:QW and UT2004 on all the popular Aussie servers.

    I'm also a staff write for PlanetUnreal and HalfLifeNode and regularly post on their forums.

    My TDU in-game name is SeanPincombe, so if you run in to me in-game i'll always be up for a chat and a cruise. You can also reach me through MSN and XFire (jambo77). I also started the XFire TDU Forumers Team on the official forums and it's still running, so if you want to join it head on over to http://www.xfire.com/clans/tduforumers/ and apply.

    Anyway I think that's enough so see you in the forums and on the roads! =]
  2. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team Admin

    hey there jambo welcome to TDUc mate, seen you over on the official boards so thanks for signing up.

  3. Aquila DK

    Aquila DK is Tom Kristensen :D

    Welcome to TDU:C jambo. Hope you'll enjoy it here.
  4. Nodz86

    Nodz86 ____________

    Essex, England
  5. Baldy

    Baldy Wibble Wobble

    Lancashire, UK
    Hey jambo, welcome to the forum. Have fun !!!!!
  6. FA430RGT

    FA430RGT Hoods and Alley-ways..

    Welcome to the site!
  7. Pherelas

    Pherelas I'm Going Slightly mad

    The Dark Side of the Moon
    Hi, seen the Floyd sig, greatest band in all of time. Welcome.
  8. Nige

    Nige Buy American ....

    Calgary, AB
    Welcome to the forum dude !
    Enjoy it we are much better than the original forum (not bragging or something :bananasplit: lol) and I guarantee you will enjoy it.
  9. The Queen

    The Queen <3 Ferrari F50

    Dundee, Scotland
    Hey, Jambo. Welcome to the boards, hope to see you in game ;)

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