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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta -end of production

Discussion in 'Automotive Discussion' started by F12Berlinetta, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. I still hope this is not truth. F12 Berlinetta, 458 Speciale, 599 GTO and F40 are my favourite cars. I just can't believe they stopped production of one of my dream cars. She was very loud and beautiful :( I am now checking all websites with used Ferraris to check the prices of F12 Berlinetta.
    I know that they will replace this model with F12M, but come on... F12 Berlinetta was my favourite car with V12. Not only mine. Ferrari got a lot of new customers with this model. It was a sales hit.

    I hope they wouldn't change a new model too much, I still want super loud exahust, amazing permormance and big V12 heart in it. And of course brillinat look :)
    What do You guys think?
    A picture of her :'(
    Zapasowe klosze ciemne.png
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  2. Microphone

    Microphone #Myk2016
    tduck team

    It's such an amazing beast. When will we be seeing its replacement, 2018?

    If I were going to turn up in Maranello with a lot of money I don't think I'd be choosing this though. The GTC4 Lusso would get the money.
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  3. The Compensator

    The Compensator Future heel&toe historian

    And where's the source?
  4. Ferrari F12 Replacement - F12berlinetta Update
    I did some research and I have some news: customers are still able to buy F12 Berlinetta in this year (and possibly in 2017). As I see on a website(the one above), Ferrari hadn't determine the date yet. But yes, they are planning replacing F12 with something different (like FF with GTC4Lusso).
    Well now I am happy with those news and I calmed down, sorry for bothering, but for me any rumours or news about F12 Berlinetta are important :p
    @#Myk2016 I think the replacement will come in 2017/2018, but we have to wait for any offical news.
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  5. Rassva

    Rassva Lannister

    Brasov, Romania
    Gigantic sigh. Hope the next one won't dissapoint.
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  6. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team

    It's certainly one of the better looking front-engined coupes on offer imo. A real mean looking son of a mare.
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  7. calster17

    calster17 Resident rubbish car fan.

    Aberdeen, SCO, UK
    To be fair, the cars 5 years old now so at the tail end of it's life 'Cycle'. So I'd be surprised if it was't replaced in the next year or so.

    Never a massive fan admittedly, styling a bit to wild for my liking, especially compared to the 599, 575, etc
    So looking forward to the replacement, considering how nice the 488 & GT4C look! :)
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