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Dreaded Corruption

Discussion in 'TDU1 - PC' started by Smoothfonzo, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Smoothfonzo New Member

    Ontario, Canada
    So, if having a corrupted game before the patch wasn't enough, I just recently got it corrupted again after the patch. Doesn't look good either.

    My brother was over for Canadian Thanksgiving and we played the game all weekend and we had made a lot of progress, and then the game locked up, hard. At first, we thought it would be OK after rebooting as it looked like it could have been a normal crash as it looked normal afterwards, but no amount of rebooting fixed this one. The game would run, but the game would be nigh unplayable. At first we noticed some slowness, both in performance and loading, which worried me. And then we tried to drive around and my heart sank. It was totally unplayable. We're talking about 1 FPS here. And the sound was sounding like a cat coughing up a hairball.

    I won't be installing this one for quite awhile now as I have Oblivion to finish up, but it really cheeses me off that corruption is so common. Even my brother, who's a computer engineer was puzzled as to how a crash like this would corrupt a game and make it unplayable.
  2. Iced_Bullet

    Iced_Bullet Cheese=Milk's Death Route

    Norfolk, UK
    Well the lesson learnt is to make frequent back-ups :) I do...most of the time.
  3. eleKtro

    eleKtro Contain Your Orgasms

    Made in China
    5 of my profiles have been corrupted so far.

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