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Various Community development: Project DRIVE (working title)

Discussion in 'Driving & Racing Games' started by TDUZoqqer, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. TDUZoqqer

    TDUZoqqer whomst'd that

    Oh, no I am aware of the Unreal LOD, I was just wondering if I could give this task to you hypothetically speaking when Unreal messes up somehow. :) World assets are also very welcome! In fact, for the demo level I am still missing some assets (not speaking about how incredibly basic the level is) which I always push to "another day". Textures are also really cool, I myself work with painter too, although I have no idea about designer. I sneaked a peak at Sound Forge's one, but it's a bit too complicated for me. I tend to overcomplicate the task textures very fast.

    I personally don't as I'm mostly a lone wolf on the internet and only online on forums and reddit for my gaming/modding stuff. Hell, I don't even have friends on steam lmao.

    But if you have one yourself, or if TDuck (@Diablo pls) have one, I would love to join![/QUOTE]
  2. K3RAMB0

    K3RAMB0 Rookie

    I don't have a personal server as I'm mostly on a server where I'm a moderator, but it's not too hard to create one and customize it for our needs.
    I will create one tomorrow and send you an invite link, unless of course, TDuck has one that we could use.

    on there we could discuss more detailed stuff about Project Drive, I'm already pretty stoked to work on it soon hopefully. :D

    TIMELESS Super Moderator
    tduck team

    Northern Ireland, UK
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  4. TDUZoqqer

    TDUZoqqer whomst'd that

    Hahahaha youre barely in the discord already knowing whats going on :lol: Gotta need tuning parts for it tho!
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  5. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team Admin

    I want to make changes when we migrate, as different platform will change layout etc, eventho they most likely using same API
  6. TDUZoqqer

    TDUZoqqer whomst'd that

    Quick Update: since I put in the new UI some weeks ago I reworked the whole menue ever since. Progress is great! I finally can put down a todo List what is left, sorted by order i am going to take it on.

    -fix the extras-panel in the tuning menue. Its the first task as its the most complicated (after which the body tuning Panel is done)
    -adapt plates Panel to new UI(after which it will be done aswell)
    -adapt existing rims Panel
    -add minor functionalities to rims Panel
    -create UI for the wheel size menue
    -create window tint panel (wont take very long as I have the Basic functionalities already coded
    -create Suspension panel (going to wheels panel, will be Tricky as i need to mess around with physics)
    -add and fix minor Details on UI
    -Continue working on Pause menue (without settings for Demo as it would take too long to develop since i am way behind schedule already)

    After that the UI is done. Everything after that are small tweaks as which:
    -finish up modeling environment
    -local variable transfer (savegame)
    -adding actual demo version cars with tuning parts
    -add some rims, Frames and other Universal tuning parts
    -and maybe some small stuff i dont remember

    Still, a long way to Go, but at this point the most work was already done. As far I can tell, everyone, even game Development collegues are saying the game looks great. So maybe it is :) stay tuned. Hope to have the Demo done before February.

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