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Case and PSU upgrade

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by ScaR, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. ScaR

    ScaR New Member

    At the start of last year I was in desperate need of a case and psu combo as my computer was running hot, and crashing (drawing too much power for the PSU to handle). A year on, and seeing as I bought a cheap and not-so-good combo (iCute anyone?), it is dieing and therefore I have decided to upgrade them.
    Help me choose:
    Zalman ZM600-HP
    Corsair Hx620
    Corsair Tx750

    I am leaning to the more expensive Tx750 as I think that the extra power will be needed in the future.

    Antec Nine Hundred
    Antec P180b
    Coolermaster Stacker 832

    Please don't hesitate to give me your honest opinion, or a suggestion of something that you think may meet my needs.
  2. TDU 505

    TDU 505 Clinically Insane

    i see alot of people using the 900 (psst no opinion on PSUs...:)
    do u like to mod the case?if yes then the CM C5 should be a good choice.
    if no then just get the one that u like..remember its YOUR case not OUR's...our opinions may sway u but end of the day its you who will be using it :)
    hhope this helps
  3. eleKtro

    eleKtro Contain Your Orgasms

    Made in China
    Antec 900 is a very popular case and a good one at that, has 2 huge fans 1 on the top and 2 on the front.

    My brother has a Corsair HX620 620w Modular PSU, and it is top notch, comes with plenty of extra power cables/ and Sata power cables.
  4. ScaR

    ScaR New Member

    I'm not really planning to mod my case much, and I was looking toward the CM 832 because of the extra space in which things fit. Apparently it will be a bit of a squeeze for my 8800GTS in the nine hundred.

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