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TDU2 Both steam/digitaldownload - Launcher doesn't want to update. Since 2015 or so..

Discussion in 'Driving & Racing Games' started by Pr1nceHapi, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. Pr1nceHapi

    Pr1nceHapi Rookie

    Hey there everyone,

    I haven't been active on this forum for quite some time, as I'm a very busy man (operating a clan, record label, being a dj, my webdesign company and taking care of my wife and son). Due to this, I've missed out on all the goodies that you guys have brought to the racing game community here. My upmost respect for that ánd for keeping old(er) online racing games alive !!

    So.. I've been trying to play TDU2 from like 2015 or so. Never worked after I reinstalled Windows early 2015.
    I own two licenses for TDU2, the Steam version and the Digital Download one.

    Whenever I install either of 'm and I get to the UpLauncher (my NAT Type is mostly orange, as being Moderate, but green does appear from time to time), the update just results in an error after some percentage (I believe 6%). When hitting retry, the update file seems to get bigger and bigger when hitting the retry button multiple times. Thus far I noticed I'm not the only one. There are heaps of gamers trying to update resulting in the same crap.

    Now, late 2017 I thought, okay, then screw TDU2. I won't try it again.
    But then I noticed in Discord that some of our clan members were actually playing TDU2. Online. I know the servers are not always working well or even online, but they were at that moment (which occured a couple of weeks ago). As Easter Weekend is coming up, I finally have some time on hand and I would like to find a solution to this everlasting issue.

    Of course I used the search option here to find similar topics, but I couldn't find a moderate solution to this issue.
    I've seen some YT footage of people who are claiming they downloaded the patch files somewhere, but no downloadlinks were given. Making this claim a bit fishy.

    Is there anyone here on TurboDuck who can help me out ? I'd love to just roll on the streets of Hawaii and Ibiza again, if only for one day.
    My specs are proper, I can run GTA5, FC4 and other games on full if not maxed out:
    - Core i7 4771 / 16GB OC DDR3 / SS(H)D's all over the place / HD7950 3GB Windforce-3 / 21,5" 1080p / W10 Pro X64

    Thanks in advance of helping out. You'll receive the [Ramteam Helper Of The Week-medal] from me ;)


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