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Activity not appearing in latest posts ?

Discussion in 'Site & Forum Support' started by Djey, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Djey

    Djey Well-Known Member

    Eden Games' Homeland

    that's a weird issue. For example, I've just posted in following thread :
    [BETA-3] Djey: TDU Community Patch 2.00A | turboduck forum

    And my answer post does not appear to list in right hand column (LATEST POSTS section)... ?
    Same with an answer @ about 8.00am (GMT+1)

    It was working before migration I believe.
    ... or some of oldest forum sections have been muted since ? :D

    Activity stream is ok : Activity Stream - turboduck


    Edit: this post does appear :eek:
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    TIMELESS Super Moderator
    tduck team

    Northern Ireland, UK
    Don't worry Djey it's not a conspiracy to cover you up :p I think the Latest Posts module no longer includes the mod shop, so that's why you're not seeing them. They still show in the chatbox, activity stream, etc.

    However I don't know why, but your thread was automatically put into moderated mode :confused: It hides the thread from all but staff members, but I have no idea why it's happened to your thread :hmmm:

  3. Djey

    Djey Well-Known Member

    Eden Games' Homeland
    Sorry to bother, with the latest issues I understand more important things need to be dealt in priority with the site.
    But please don't forget us. Thank you ;)
  4. Diablo

    Diablo Administrator
    tduck team Admin

    Apologies Djey in getting a proper answer back to you until now.

    Throughout a test period of more than a month, I monitored the click-through on threads showing on the sidebar blocks and found that those in the Mod Shop (MS) received less attention than non-MS related topics; in fact most visitors for that go through the MS forums directly. So I made the decision to remove threads/replies from the MS from showing on those blocks.

    You can still see what had been posted all over by using the 'Recent' main navigation link or by clicking 'Today's Posts' under the 'Quick Links' secondary navigation if it is showing to you. (resolution specific)
  5. Djey

    Djey Well-Known Member

    Eden Games' Homeland
    Ok Diablo, makes sense and it's logical you give priority to most used sections.
    I was afraid it was just a bug.

    Thanks for answer, I'm getting used to click the 'Recent' nav link on my cellphone. ;)

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