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Jan 16, 2019 at 7:24 PM
Feb 7, 2009
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Feb 5, 1995 (Age: 23)
Northern Ireland, UK

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Super Moderator, Male, 23, from Northern Ireland, UK

tduck team

Merry Christmas! Dec 25, 2018

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Jan 16, 2019 at 7:24 PM
    1. Microphone
      Nope I go next weekend.

      Currently in a big argument with person C atm, so upset :(
    2. Microphone
      Person A: Female Friend of mine
      Person B: Female friend's boyfriend, also a friend of mine but I'm not that close to him.
      Person C: My best friend/guy I liked.

      Persons a & c used to go out 2 years ago, persons a & b have been going out for like 18 months though.

      On monday I discovered A&C making out, even though A is still with B :eek:

      I've kinda stuck my nose in and makes sure A doesn't lead both B and C on, she said she's always had feelings for C, I think she'll choose C, i've give her loads of advice and my opinion on it all.

      Just an interesting week really :hmmm:
    3. Microphone
      That's karma for ya! :D

      I've had another dramatic week, i'm not at the forefront of the drama, but if ya bored or whatever I'll spill the beans :nuts:
    4. T1M
      True dat :D And it looks much better with that grill! :)

      Lenny is alright, missing Carl though :cry:

      Nah, I'm alright I guess, stuck under a mountain of maths work though. How's snakey?
    5. T1M
      :hmmm: I'm not sure about some of that, but the production one might possibly look better if it has the GS grill on :hmmm:

      Still, better than the facelifted A5. The original S5 in white was very nice imo :(
    6. T1M
      Yeah :hmmm: BMW's diesels are pretty awesome :hmmm:

      Nah :( Dacia was in Tesco and BRZ was in the dealer, cheating really :lol: But they look pretty nice :hmmm:
    7. T1M

      Idealy I'd have both :p

      Saw a BRZ today! :panic: And a Dacia Duster :panic2:
    8. T1M

      I'm not bothered about hybrids, bring on the diesel version! :p

      Really? That's not too bad :hmmm: Apparently the BMW M550d will do that though, I think I know which I'd be inclined to have :hide:
    9. T1M
      Yeah :lol: The F version will be niiiice :drool:
    10. T1M
      Looking at it now it does look odd :hmmm:

      If it turns out to be like the GS' though it'll be EPIC! :D
    11. Microphone

      You mean you thought you had another season left? Maybe you skipped one :p
    12. Microphone
      Yup I'd already seen it the other day, meant to link it to you haha :)
    13. Andreas¹
      Mainstream is boring, speshul is where it's at. :p
    14. Andreas¹
      'Cause replying when the comment is actually made is just too mainstream. :cheeky:
    15. Andreas¹
      I had forgotten I even said that. :p
    16. Microphone
      "If I want to be a fool, then I will be a fool" "It is my god damn right as an american" :lol:

      Greatest quote from it :lol:
    17. Microphone
      Nah we camped, I just had to keep on telling people to 'common the hell up' when walking around the campsite as we just stood out like a sore thumb haha.

      It was amazing :D Some drama happened on the morning we left (we pulled an all nighter ofc coz we mental peeps), hopefully it's all okay and I'm just worrying for the sake of worrying and I don't genuinely have anything to be worried about though.
    18. Microphone
      Not sure :) And that supervisor thing kinda sucks :/ Can't you speak to their supervisor?

      I've just got back from leeds festival 2012, was suuuchhh an awesome experience even if it isn't necessarily my favourite type of music :)
    19. T1M
      You might get lucky though :)
    20. T1M
      :lol: Good luck with that :p

      My bro tried to insure me as a named driver on the Saab he wants... 6k :lol:
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    Feb 5, 1995 (Age: 23)
    Northern Ireland, UK
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    TDU, pCars, GTA V, AC, Forza



    Naturally Hans is wet, he’s standing under a waterfall.
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