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Jan 16, 2019 at 7:24 PM
Feb 7, 2009
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Feb 5, 1995 (Age: 23)
Northern Ireland, UK

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Super Moderator, Male, 23, from Northern Ireland, UK

tduck team

Merry Christmas! Dec 25, 2018

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Jan 16, 2019 at 7:24 PM
    1. And3rs
      JrSoftie pls
    2. iNotACactus
      Use -memrestrict command line if you have stuttering problems - Steam Users' Forums

      GTA IV is notoriously bad on things that aren't supercomputers, this may help getting it to work on your computer. Helped my FPS a lot. If it's still crappy FPS, try lowering the resolution.
    3. Andreas¹
      Did you see Mike Brewer tonight then? He was on justin.tv for a whole hour :D And the best part is I actually registered so I could write in the chat and he spoke to me twice :D:D
    4. Andreas¹
      *acquires episode*

      I shall be watching it later tonight.
    5. Andreas¹
      Why on earth would you need 4 Facebook accounts? :oook: Isn't one bad enough? :cheeky:
    6. Andreas¹
      Sometimes Facebook can be good to have. :cheeky: I hope he'll do more of those sessions though, he kept asking if we, the people watching, liked it. The chat flooded with "YES"s and he said he did too and sounded really sincere so hopefully :D Someone also said "it's like being in your living room" and he went "well it IS my living room" and picked up the computer and turned it around for a bit to let us see :D

      I'm gonna watch it on Saturday methinks. For now, mostly interested by his Sweden episode :cheeky: Can't wait to see what the show is like, some say it's strange without Edd there.
    7. calster17
      Thats the spec I want my GT86 in when I get one! xD

      I don't have a cool picture to post back....so heres a dancing cactus


    8. T0M722
      lol, I though I was the only one!

      How epic is it?!? Gonna download tonight's tonight's episode when I get home from work tomorrow.
    9. iNotACactus
    10. T1M
      *7:20 :p

      Yeah... but I'll shush now. :whistle:
    11. T1M
      Did you see Who? :hmmm:
    12. T1M
    13. T1M
      Yeah :D Just need to be clevererererer..er :hmmm:
    14. T1M
      Well I've been looking into automotive engineering :hmmm:

      That or business I guess.
    15. T1M
      Yeah :lol:

      Well for the course/uni I want I'd need grades of BBC to get in (haha :p ) but my AS grades were... not BBC, lets say.
    16. Andreas¹
    17. T1M
      For University? Ah, probably just get a student loan :hmmm:

      It's the grades that are most worrying :eek:
    18. T1M
      Oooh nice :D

      Haha, well I bid you good luck! I've been looking at Universities... I think it's wishful thinking tbh :lol:
    19. Andreas¹
    20. T1M
      Really? :lol: I don't even know anyone called Lenny :hmmm:

      It's going much better thanks, yeah I do, but I'm actually doing rather well this year so my teacher says. Problem is though, I can never be arsed with homework so I still don't look that good :hmmm:

      Sorry to hear :( Have you started looking for another job? You need to get a car and come visit. :cheeky:
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    Feb 5, 1995 (Age: 23)
    Northern Ireland, UK
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    TDU, pCars, GTA V, AC, Forza



    Naturally Hans is wet, he’s standing under a waterfall.
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