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Aug 25, 2017
Jul 21, 2007
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Nov 4, 1994 (Age: 24)
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mamamamamamamadness, 24, from Finland

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Aug 25, 2017
    1. Ryzza5
      Feel free to PM me or the others if you've got Q's about the new toys or other procedural stuff.
    2. T1M
      True :hmmm:

      Just checking it still works :D
    3. T1M

      Haven't used visitor messages in a while :hmmm:
    4. KoenigseggBG
      Working, starting university very soon, spending time with my lady. Just the normal life of a 19-year old, you know. :D :P
    5. KoenigseggBG
      How about yes? :D

      Thanks a lot, mate! <3
    6. The Compensator
      The Compensator
      :lol: Those idiots drive here Felicia's with a loud sound system, shaved door handles, awful side skirts and stock 13" steel wheels. The car itself is shaking like a donkey when they turn up the volume. :lol:

      It sounds cool, but actually isn't when they call you to fly to Central China after a week you came back from there. When my mom was 8 years old, they were living in Baghdad for several years and after that they drove from Iraq back to the communist Czechoslovakia in an old Skoda. They drove through the Arabia and Austria back to the dark, communist country. The arrived to the Czech boarder and the customs guys had guns and were pointing at them. True story.
    7. The Compensator
      The Compensator
      Oh, I didn't send you the link. :fp2:

      I knew it could be somewhere near you, I knew it. Ithink they guy will be happy to see another Audi at his home, he has the RS 4. :cheeky: Saw a Camaro from the 80's on StreetView in Kajaani, too. :oook:

      You say there aren't too many gearheads in your town? No one of my few friends like cars, they literally know nothing about them. I have to talk to myself when I want to talk about cars. :p Ithink the only gear/piston/petrolhead is the guy who has the GT-R and the Evo. He drives them all year round, even the GT-R has snow tires, but I feel sorry for them because he doesn't have a garage and doesn't wash those amazing cars regularly. :(

      Well, my grandpa works as a technician and flies around the world, so he couldn't choose the date. He's been working for this company since the 1960's iirc.
    8. The Compensator
      The Compensator
      Here's the thread: The guys is from Kajaani. How near is it to you? :hmmm:

      Seems it's same here. There are loads of nice cars, but most of them are in Prague. I've heard a (true) story about one guy, who buys every new Ferrari and stores them somewhere in a warehouse without getting the cars on license plates. Oh, there's a GT-R and an Evo X in my street. :D

      PS: My grandpa visited Vaasa last month. He didn't like it, was too boring and dark for him. :hmmm:
    9. The Compensator
    10. The Compensator
    11. T1M

      Yeah my profile doesn't see much action these days...
    12. iNotACactus
    13. cis4care
      Hur hur hur, it's okay. :3
    14. AndreasĀ¹
      Why are you not on MSN anymore? >.<
    15. iNotACactus
      happeh birfdai. :glomp:
    16. T1M
      fjanfasnfhbvgdshjgvbsaghv sa\vc

      Horizon, y u no work [IMG]
    17. T1M
      Should do :hmmm: Might not be able to use Mic though :(
    18. T1M
      Mmmmm :hmmm:

      Happy 25th page of visitor messages!

    19. T1M
      :lol: Alright for some :evil:

      Maybe I should introduce myself properly to this girl.. although that will most certainly put her even more off :hmmm:

      GAAAAAH. Maybe next time I'm "stalking" her I should say hi :lol:
    20. T1M
      Nah, not yet :hmmm: probably get creeped out (i don't understand girls so i'll just assume that)

      One week of no school.. darnit :cry:
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    Nov 4, 1994 (Age: 24)
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    Project CARS, GTA V
    Theatre, photography, music.


    Listen to Mike, I'm definitely not the most super out of all the non-super moderators, just check the username! (;
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