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Jan 13, 2019 at 11:50 AM
Jul 2, 2009
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France (Bourgogne)
insulation manufactur

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Official Ferrari Cruiser, from France (Bourgogne)

slylecoco was last seen:
Jan 13, 2019 at 11:50 AM
    1. Beam81
      these are nearly the same
      BBS RS by wagnerpsc.rar | Game Front RS by wagnerpsc.rar
      when I find the rims I will wrote an pm
    2. Andreas¹
      A reminder, please use the Mod Template when posting mods, thanks.
    3. slylecoco
      Wait and see, dear...
    4. 40Clocc
      Hey, you wrote in your BMW M5 F10 thread

      Lambo SESTO ELEMENTO from TDU 2 on approach.... ;)
      Is there gonna be a Lamborghini in TDU2? :D
    5. slylecoco
      Okay ! First time so i don't know really how to do !!
    6. Andreas¹
      Just reminding you, please use the Mod template if you are going to post mods, and use the "Modder: Car" format for the thread name, thanks. :)
    7. slylecoco
      You're my HERO.

      Love all your work !

      THX !
    8. Reventón09
      HI mate
      I have a good news for you:
      Tomorrow I'll release my GT3 RS MKII :p
    9. Reventón09
      Here you can take my Countach without spoiler:
      Countach_25.bnk | Game Front
    10. Narwhal
      Question is same as daniel's.Can you give me link to 1M coupe?
    11. Soundwave
      Hey Slylecoco, can you pm the link of rthe bmw 1m?

      because im interested for a photoshoot.
    12. Soundwave
      im good.

      i hope you will be back with some nice shots because i miss your pics.
      if you need some help just send me a message and i will help you with some editing idea's.

      enjoy your holiday and i will see you hopefully back soon in the photomode.

      greets Soundwave
    13. slylecoco
      Very fine,

      Thx !!

      I'm on holidays. So, it's all right.

      I'm waiting for Illusion's M3. Really impressive quality.

      I don't dare to post any new pics because i'm not enough good when i see pics on different thread.

      But i have a look to everybody...

      And you, how are you ?
    14. Soundwave
      lol sorry but how are you slylecoco?

    15. slylecoco

      i'm not hayabusa, dear Daniel...!!!

    16. Leadfoot[YT]
      Hey, what mods were you running to get such amazing detail on this picture? I know it was a while ago, but it's just such a spectacular picture. :thumbsup:

    17. hayabusa03
      Okeyyy i'll Wait for you Bro
    18. slylecoco
      Thx Hayabusa03.

      Coming soon.....

      Don't worry !
    19. hayabusa03
      Hello Bro Hope You are Doing Well ??
      I Miss you and I miss Your Amzing Pic's Bro :(
    20. slylecoco

      Dear Daniel.

      I keep have a look to your work.

      Still impressive.

      I continue to play Tdu,

      but bow i mod my Battlefield2.

      So, not enough time to make pics.

      Sur i will be back, but not yet.

      I come on the site like a ghost..!
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    Home Page:
    France (Bourgogne)
    insulation manufactur
    Playing Now:
    Battlefield 2 (Mods) and Out Run (Arcade Version!) and Skyrim !
    married, 3 children, 1 dog, 2 cats, few fish

    pc game, garden,


    My TDU.
    All my pics :
    Here (The #1 largest number of views ! More than 280.000 !!)

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