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Dec 28, 2018
Mar 30, 2009
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BBW-ingame, from X

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Dec 28, 2018
    1. Ryzza5
      Hey mate can't tell if you're joking or not. I'll edit/delete the posts if you want - just let me know.
    2. T1M
      Yo, you got any ideas for your theme for next weeks DGSoTW? (which was probably meant to be last weeks DGSoTW but... oops :lol: )
    3. iLLGT3
      Diablo, you're not missing much tbh unless your an absolute die hard fan. I myself haven't even got BF3 Premium yet and I'm a die hard Battlefield fan! Anyway, let me know when you get D3 or play a bit of BF3. I'm always up for either.
    4. iLLGT3
      Have you gotten ArmA II yet?
    5. ScoobSTi
      Haha, I'll try sometime. I'm in Manhattan for most of the day.
    6. ScoobSTi
      Ah, that's a bit far from me. I'm in Sheepshead Bay. It's a few miles southeast of where Greenwood is.
    7. ScoobSTi
      Hey man,

      I am in Brooklyn too! :cheeky:
    8. ScoobSTi
      Good luck eating your paycheck!


      And now, we must wait. :cheeky:
    9. eXodusPL
      I can't send u a PM, dunno why...
      Theme for potw2: drift in the mountains ;)
    10. Dan G
      Dan G
      yeah mate, i think im forcing 16x or something, plus other things like AF etc at a similar level
    11. Microphone
      Congrats on the PoTW win, Can I please have week 56's theme? :)
    12. Dan G
      Dan G
      easy there tough boy , no one said the mod is not working, it probably won't hurt so badly if you try to help people a bit rather than talking nonsense
      +rep if i could :cheeky:

      e: i have SHIFT now btw ;)
    13. Dan G
      Dan G
      nope don't have it yet
    14. Dan G
      Dan G
      oh... well it was dang323i so I thought it was yours
      pyrre told me it's EA nation like NFS UC so i think that is me :)
    15. Ozzmcom
      Some proper music for you:P :
      Elton John
      Dire Straits
      Another DS
      Billy Idol
      The Cult
      The Who
    16. tdu66
      Hey, I saw them, nice piccys!
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