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Aug 17, 2018
Aug 12, 2009
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May 26

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BMW . . ., from .

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Aug 17, 2018
    1. Fl0w
      Well, then good luck for finding a job :)
    2. Dux
      nothing, looking for a job but there isnt any curently because i live in stupid town in stupid country, well i am planing to move out someday to the west europe :D
      about modding i quit my plans to release and now i am making private mods only cause there are some things i cant finish so no modding :D
      yeah luck of time and patience are my problems too :D
    3. Fl0w
      Okay ;)

      Yeah, these times at tduf were great :)

      Nothing interessting here, a lot of work to do, and only little time for things like modding or playing TDU... -.- Maybe one day I'll restart again, in case I have some more free time :D

      Anything interesting at you?
    4. Fl0w
      Hey Dux,
      I am fine, thanks :)
      How are you?
    5. Sly870
      How you mate? :) lets PM rather :)
    6. Krisman10
      I don't know whats happening mate. All moderators have lost their status and no new posts can be made. :| I guess the ending for our beloved site is close. :(
      [email protected]_$HOTGUN
      No i did not give eny permission to this guy can u plz ask some1 from this site do del it
    9. Krisman10
      As of April 14th we are up and running! :)
      Check out TDU Forums once again! :D
    10. Krisman10
      fine thanks mate! Unfournately we got some probs right now but we'll be back!
      ETA Hopefully is April. So we should be up & going then.
    11. Leadfoot[YT]
      :( Sorry to hear that.
    12. Leadfoot[YT]
      Hey, is that 3-series in your avatar yours? Looks cool! :)
    13. 40Clocc
      Hey, u asked me once about a Honda Civic like the purple on in my old signature. I've found one, take a look at this
      Honda Civic Vti 94 JDM - Ðвтомобили - TDU1 - Файлы - Test Drive Unlimited 2 / TDU 2
    14. 40Clocc
      no sry i dont know any civic mods like this one in my signature
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    May 26


    Duxxilly in the game :)
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