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Dec 12, 2018 at 2:41 AM
Jan 30, 2007
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Administrator, Male

tduck team Admin

full time job + operate three websites + fan pages + part time web development for clients = i think im gonna die May 18, 2018

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Viewing forum list, Dec 12, 2018 at 2:41 AM
    1. Paladin Skylark
      Paladin Skylark
      I'm usually on. Most of the time, anyhow.
    2. Diablo
      pCARS is your area mate. Unless there is a reason for you not to do it of course? :)
    3. Ryzza5
      Will you be writing an article for this to get support for Milli?

      WMD Forum!!
    4. Ryzza5
      Looks like no TDFRL for PC:

      WMD Forum

      Did you ever get it on 360?
    5. Ryzza5
      Thanks for before, but I've still not found the real wp-admin site yet because you forgot to give me a link, you muppet :p
    6. KoenigseggBG
      Howdy, mate! ^^
    7. iNotACactus
      Still haven't joined the FH club have you? :toetap:
    8. Diablo
      Thanks for the offer mate, I'll keep you in mind in the future. :) Glad you like the new 'duck'!
    9. Sly870
      Nice look on the site Diablo :) looking very fresh :) If you need help I would love too :) I do have experience with Photoshop and basic web management as well as the backend managements...
    10. Reventón09


    11. iNotACactus
      Happy birthday. :glomp:
    12. iNotACactus
      Can I have my username back? :p
    13. Diablo
      The high traffic areas are the main areas of the forum that somewhat make this place what it is, a TDU dedicated (for now) community with mods for that series. And you've done more than enough for this place mate, it's not fair for you and a small amount of loyal others to give for the many who enjoy this place. Here's hoping to the future with TurboDuck! :duck:
    14. Ryzza5
      Let me know a day or two before the bills are due how much is needed to keep the forum up and running. Have you considered removing some of the high-traffic areas that aren't strictly needed so that the rest of the site can operate at lower costs?
    15. TIMELESS
      Lol I think I was still around at 4 :p

      Umm yes, I'm off work until Tuesday, hopefully will get chatting to then xD
    16. Diablo
      I'll help you out later on also if you want, do you ever get online during normal hours? FICK it's 4 AM!
    17. TIMELESS
      Cheers for trying to help me Diabs, much appreciated.
    18. Diablo
      What is your name on there as I know many of you used a different alias to here and searching your email brings up no accounts. Cheers!
    19. T1M
      Yeah, I forgot my password. I thought I'd made it easy to remember but it appears not. If you could reset it that would be greatly appreciated! :)
    20. TIMELESS
      You muppet! :p

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