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Sep 22, 2012
Oct 26, 2008
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Mar 1, 1968 (Age: 50)

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insomniac, 50, from Belgrade

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Sep 22, 2012
    1. hassan1995
    2. Flo
    3. BobbyV
      Ne treba ništa posebno, otvoriš online account na početku, iznajmiš auto, kupiš kuću i prvi auto, odvozaš prvu trku i onda si spreman za online. Kako te izbacuje sa servera, koja je poruka? Ja dugo nisam igrao ali sam se prije par dana ulogovao i sve radi normala....
    4. eky_123
      lave igras li online ako igras kako si namjestio jer imam originalnu igricu napravio account ali izbacuje me sa servera
    5. BobbyV
      vozzzzdrica ;)
    6. eky_123
      bosanac pozzzzzzzzz
    7. BobbyV
      What makes u think I know much about cars? U have access to my entire knowledge too, and that's on the web.
    8. BioHazard7911
      How come you know so much about cars? You took my spot D:
    9. Andreas¹
      Thanks for reminding me :D
    10. Immelmann

      On toast.
    11. BobbyV
      yup, Im the one on the right...X-P
    12. beem3r
      haha Bobby, is that you on your avatar? you look hell of scared haha :cheeky:
    13. BobbyV
    14. VeronicaBlushes
      *unicycles past, wearing a top hat and waving like crazy*
    15. E30 FTW!!!
      E30 FTW!!!
    16. YeOldeTDUMan
      No I don't build cars ... I work for an engineering design consultancy and one thing I've done a lot of is computer simulation of car crash tests. So I know a 'little' about cars and how they're built. I've also worked on lots of non-car stuff too.

      As to how are things going ... badly ... the recession is hitting hard and it's only going to get worse at the current rate if it lasts a while.

      I've no idea about Hydrogen powered cars ... never studied much about engines ... worked on a few electric vehicles in my time though, but only on the structure side and not the powertrain
    17. BobbyV
      Well, actually no, not for a living. I've been crashing my cars in several occasions though, nothin' serious, but that's the reason why I like to call myself a car crash dummy, 'cause every time I've had a crash I felt like one.:rolleyes: That's how I've chosen my avatar and sig.
      U build hybrid cars? That's so damn cool! I love them, especially on hydrogen. How's goin' things on this field? Is it true u can order a small cheap gadget which makes hydrogen from water in real time, cutting the fuel consumption up to 50%?
    18. YeOldeTDUMan
      what do you mean crashing cars in your spare time ? racing them ? Me ... well I design them, well amongst other things ! My Gamertag was chosen from my job!
    19. BobbyV
      heh isn't that obvious? ok it isn't :)
      I'm an architect...spending sooo much time behind the keyboard, so I'm relaxing a bit on the forums....and crashing cars in spare time :D
    20. YeOldeTDUMan
      OK so you have a piccie of a crash test dummy and you're profile says "part time NCAP dummy" ... so if you don't mind me asking what do you do as a job?
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    Mar 1, 1968 (Age: 50)
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    TDU, NFS:Shift, RaceOn, RBRally


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