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    Default What should i buy?

    I just managed to complete the Millionaires Challenge and got 1 million. I now have 1 million to spend on something or a couple of things. I already have the following cars :

    Mclaren F1 GTR - Stage 3
    Ford GT
    Saleen S7
    TVR Sagaris
    Noble M14
    Saleen S281 Extreme
    Lamborghini Miura P400SV
    Lotus Exige 240r
    Jaguar XJ220
    Ferrari F430 Spyder
    Ferrari Enzo
    Shelby GT500
    Ford Mustang GTR Concept
    Maserati Gransport
    Audi TT Quattro Sport
    Chrysler 300C SRT-8
    MV Augusta F4 Tamburini

    Cars Suggested

    Koenigsegg CC8S - Looks really good but im really not sure about the engine noise
    Pagani Zonda C12S - Looks very cool but im not sure about the handling etc..
    Farboud GT - Might get it for the cruise. Any opinions?
    Mclaren F1 - Or i could just go it all out and get an F1 Road car

    What do you guys think and can you suggest anything else?

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    You could consider the Wiesmann. Not fast (class D) but in the few kilometers i've driven in it, it feels like a very good cruiser. Also because it's an open top

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    I know, the MC12!

    It doesn't matter how much horsepower your car has, it's about the smile on your face when you drive it.

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    OK, just bought the MC12 and a black 430 with challenge rims and i have 100k left over. AC 289 maybe?

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    Camaro/Stingray and stage 3 it. I don't know, it just sticks with me for some reason

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    Hehe. How much is it for stage 3. I spent all my money lol. I got :

    Ferrari F430 With Challenge Wheels
    MAserati MC12
    Then i got some more money and got an orange gallardo se and turquoise murcielago


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