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    Default Looking for..

    Someone to Start A Club with, and who can make videos for 360. I just restarted my game, and no its not an excuse, I'm about to get to expert again, thats how high i was last time.

    I wanna make videos and stuff with the club too, but until i get the stuff needed i need someone else to help.

  2. novacaine888 is offline TDU Car Collector
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    Default Anyone wanna start?

    A Club that is actually like active?

    A club for drifting too. I mean im not amazing but im getting better.

    my GT is..


  3. bigbcraig is offline Making Skidmarks
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    yes i'll start club but im not willing to pay for it... i've gone kinda broke adding to my collection, & not winning challanges since i got hardcore mode.

    i'm a champion but not ace, trying to learn to drift but i'm bad. I get on some afternoons & most weekends.

    GT = BIGbCraig

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    im up for it, just getting into TDU again lol, heck ill even pay for it if you want, GT: LiamCraw

    **Champion at Alot Of Arcade games**

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    Why is this in trade?
    . . . . . . Why is it always a wrong number, what if there in the wrong house? . . . . . . .



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