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    Default The Sign of a Corrupt Game Save?

    Hey guys. I was doing the delivery missions to get money and everytime i do a 90k one the money drops to 89, 458. I have never actually seen it drop but all i know is it does that and then i don't get the Perfect sign which means i don't get the bonus . Is this a sign of a corrupt save or maybe im doing something to make it happen. Although if i do hit anything it takes like 7200 off minimum so i don't know. It only takes off 520 but it causes me to not get the bonus. Am i doing something wrong? Any ideas?
    I have never tried one of those missions twice because i usually notice it when im about 2 miles from finish so i can't really be bothered to do it again.

    Heres a screenshot to show you!
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    Yes I've had this, I found out the car was hitting a bump and then the car touches the ground. Very uneven roads don't help, I did it in the end by driving round the bad part of the road once I found out where it was happening.
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    Ah.. ok thanks S7ING3R now i know the solution . That really does suck though lol



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