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    Default Griefers LTS could be the club for YOU !!

    Ever felt the need to unleash your inner animal, Griefers LTD is the club for you !!!

    Road rage is a term used to refer to violent behavior by a driver of an automobile, which thus causes accidents or incidents on roadways.

    -speeding and aggressive acceleration
    -cutting others off in a lane
    -weaving in and out of traffic
    -forming a "convoy" to block access to a traffic lane
    -sounding the vehicle's horn or flashing lights excessively
    -rude gestures (such as the finger)
    -deliberately hitting another person, vehicle or object with one's own vehicle
    -pursuing for retaliation or revenge of a real or perceived slight
    -triggering or exaggerating traffic waves due to reduced headways and more sudden braking
    -driving in the passing lane and keeping pace with the car next to them to enforce the speed limit themselves
    -driving excessively slow on a high-speed road
    -throwing objects from a moving vehicle with the intent of hitting the car behind it

    If you feel the need to enjoy any of the above options, join Griefers LTD TODAY !

    At the Club on the Crater, Join today...Help add more realism in Test Drive Unlimited. Griefers LTD !

    Griefers LTD wants you



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