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    Default Topic for TDU Players online?

    Hey guys. Just thought about this. How about make a topic for online players to see if they are on forums elsewhere. I usually race someone and then never see them again so maybe it would be cool to list everyone you have seen in a topic and what car they were in so we could find each other again or something. Just a suggestion thats all
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    If you like chating and driving send a friend request. I don't quite think it would work becouse if people saw someone who they wanted to crusie with and then they would have to send a friend request to someone they don't know.

    I don't know if i've understood it right, sorry if I got it wrong.
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    can you develop it a little further? i cant kinda understand whats it about

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    Erm.. well to have a topic where theres a list of players that you see in the game. Just right them down and post them up and see if anybody knows of them on other forums or something and then maybe we got meet up again if you understand that? Just a small suggestion lol



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