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    Default Official Req. by Atari :: Crashes/Corrupted Saves with ATI & Soundblast

    The_Mole has just posted this at the atari boards, if you guys have any of the following please contact Atari UK @ with the subject 'TDU forum'. Thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Mole
    Hi guys

    I would really appreciate it if you could urgently contact me at (please insert "TDU forum" in the subject line) if you have one (or more) of the following issues:

    1. ATI cards (your card must meet the minimum specs, obviously): crashes, corrupted save files, freezes at saving point, any kind of severe graphics issue

    2. Crashes at launch if connected to a peripheral, no crash if the peripheral is disconnected

    3. Cracking/stuttering sound with one of the following cards:
    Oboard 7.1 realtek
    Soundblaster X-Fi
    X-Fi extremeGamer
    X-Fi Xtreme Elite Pro
    X-Fi Elite Pro
    X-Fi Extrem Music
    Soundblaster Audigy1
    SoundBlaster audigy2 zs
    Soundblaster Live!24Bit
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    OOHHHHH...So the problem maybe caused by the graffics card?



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