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    Exclamation XboxBox Members Please Read

    Some of the members of XboxBox might know that the forum has been down latley.

    The site was having various problems since Friday and NWA TA and Subaru were trying and also myself wondering what was going on.

    Well the answer to your question is that the site was hacked into and wrecked and because of this the forum had to be scrapped so that these hackers got none of our information. A new forum has been put up recently and i ask previous members to sign up and show some support

    Site is still in need of work but will be working in weeks to come, so if you could sign back up, i would be very gratefull to you for doing so.

    Forum Address

    Sorry about this Diablo but i need the members to know. I hope this isnt a form of spam.


    Street Ryder

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    You got teh H4cK0rZ?! Damn.. Well As long as nothing is too badly messed up consider your-self lucky.. (Diablo! Go check the back door I'll check the front! *Load AK 47*)
    ...I Still Dawdle Round These Ends...



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