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    Default how do you take pictures off the 360?

    I want to know...its for my computer and my site that i am making (not relating to the team i am in...just a site i am working on) Can someone please tell me how. Thanks everyone
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    I have no idea :O
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    Quote Originally Posted by enfuze »
    I have no idea :O

    Then don't post.

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    Trying to get his post at top -.-
    Also why do you need to post if you have nothing relating to the question
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    take a picture of the screen or use a xsata device

    and to Gav and Enfuze , Grow up and stop being postwhores
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glanzarog »
    Then don't post.
    oh dumpster boy is back in town loong time no see.

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    I did a tutorial on how to do this a while ago, you will need to purchase a separate piece of kit though in order to do it and will cost about £40 either way.
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    maybe with digital camera??

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    Quote Originally Posted by shu_0036 »
    maybe with digital camera??
    Poor quality..
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    You can buy a xsata device which copies your stuff from 360 and then can get it straight from that, not sure of any other ways



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