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    Default 360 controller

    i know the xbo 360 controller is compatible with pc (its USB right?) but will it work completley with TDU? the pressure sensitive buttons and all? i have a budget problem since i have to buy a new pc after what happened to my old one, so no G25 for me (for now)

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    Default Re: 360 controller

    Sorry mate, the touch sensitive buttons don't, until they sort the drivers out!
    I've got the 360 controller and it's good, (it will be better when they sort the drivers out).

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    Default Re: 360 controller

    I've got the 360 controller, and yes, you probably can. The back to pressure sensitive buttons are actually axises, I think I wrote them down.

    Y Axis > Top Nob right/left
    X Axis > Top Nob up/down
    RY Axis > Right/Left trigger
    RX Axis > Bottom Nob right/left
    Z Axis > Bottom Nob up/down

    Hope that helps. If TDU supports axises, it will support 360 controllers.


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