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Thread: TDU LAN party?

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    Default TDU LAN party?

    Well currently i have 2 computers running TDU... all connected to the same router (NetGear) with no problems. I am just wondering if it is possible to do a LAN connection and see the other player in game?

    BTW: I know the LAN works cuz' we LAN on CSS all the time. Im just wondering if you can on TDU.

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    Yes, you can do a LAN connect.

    Also, when someone has two PCs set up behind the same router, they can do a WAN connect with someone that has the same setup to complete the Inter-Club races.
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    Hmm... Is it possible to play offline seeing eachother?

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    I've never played TDU in a LAN environment, only the normal on-line multiplayer and in a WAN multiplayer environment.

    But, I would be willing to bet that seeing other players on a LAN would dictate that an on-line multiplayer profile has to be selected.

    So I seriously doubt that TDU would allow any connectivity for multiplayer with LAN using an off-line profile.

    I could be wrong (it's been know to happen, usually at least once a day), but it's the only thing that makes sense to me.
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    That's true. Other player in the same LAN can be seen in game only if u r both using online profile. Closed LAN environment is not supported, but u can always isolate ur session if other players bother u.


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