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    Default got a little problem

    does anyone know how to get to the island off the southern tip of oahu.
    i read an faq about it, but it was terribly written.
    any feeback is appreciated.

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    Default Re: got a little problem

    Ford Island (near the Stadium) unlocks at Champion or something (it was a long time ago for me) but that is reachable by road.

    If you mean the island off the North coast in the south east you have to teleport to that by going through the Eden 'e' logo on the ridge ... the bit of ridge you need is by the road that looks like a D that is rotated in towards the centre of the island (difficult to explain) ... I think there are videos on youtube

    The way I get there is by going up onto the ridge by the nearest golf course and slowly working my way along the top of the ridge ... don't forget you need to be doing about 30mph when you hit the 'e'

    Oh you don't need to drive this island for achievement.
    I'd rather be topless !

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    Default Re: got a little problem

    alright thanks for the quick reply, i was up super late last night trying to figure it out.



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