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    Default Avatar getting blurred?

    err okay, ive got some lovely pictures for my avatar, and ive done black ends round the ends and its clean, i love it, but now, when i upload it as my avatar, it gets so blurred, but on other forums, it dosent, so whats actually happening here?
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    Default Re: Avatar getting blurred?

    Well same is happening with my Sigs.. They look pristine before in my folders then look like... Crap here.. Either way I think it just renders the pics down a few notches so the bandwidth is less or something similar. (Less loading times per page?) But you'll have you will have to wait for an offical word from Diablo to be certain...
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    Default Re: Avatar getting blurred?

    They are compressed slightly yes but should retain most of their quality, just make sure to upload from your computer and make sure the image is of the highest quality to begin with. To keep the quality at it's highest link to an image rather than upload to the board also.
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