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  1. Shelby GT500 Eleanor(UPDATED)V1.1 & Mustang GTR/CLK DTM sounds!
    Skepsis is offline Sound Engineering Dorifta
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    Since original sounds weren't appropriate(GTR/CLK) or powerfull enough(GT500),I made new ones! These are(samples) all sounds from the game itself,but moddified/mixed and so on. Enyhoo,I watched a lot of movies of these cars on youtube and gone in 60 seconds too,so those were the inspiration(and Thunderhawk's Eleanor also)for these sounds!
    Some info: Both sounds go up to 7500rpm,if you want to put them on other cars. They also share middle and high samples.
    Have fun!
    Eleanor(fixed ignition pause):
    If the video above doesn't show click here to view it.
    CLK DTM/Mustang GTR
    If the video above doesn't show click here to view it.

    p.s. BODYSWAP TIP:
    To all of those not satisfied with the performance of the gt500,believe me,I've tried like 30 logical(and some not so much)bodyswaps and the best seems to be
    Aston Martin DB4 Zagato:It's faster,270km/h,5.5sec,handles much better, it's lighter,more agile,makes gt500 seem like an unresponsive barge!
    Also,the model sits lower(maybe little bit too much),but no wheels through body type of thing and bonnet view is a bit further back. It also redlines at 6500 so it sounds better!(with my modded sound of course)
    btw gt500:242km/h,5.6,6000rpm
    There is also dodge charger super bee:256km/h,5.4,but only 5000rpm...handles better than gt500,but not as good as db4,and has a slightly too high camera views,but looks the best from outside(stance).
    So there u go,u know what you have to do!

    ************************************************** *

    Since the model was updated,why not the sound too?
    Anyway,I've found a better fitting and more similar idle sound to eleanor,so here it is in the form of V1.1 for you to enjoy!
    ...and a little V8 togue(sort of) (high quality available)

    [mod edit:] Please do not embed more than two videos, thanks!
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  2. Shelby GT500 Eleanor(UPDATED)V1.1 & Mustang GTR/CLK DTM sounds! Comments
  3. thunderhawk17382 is offline lord of the rings
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    well done! ... i like this sound ... especially it's fine to have a sound for eleanor ... so i must not do it myself (and i've never try, to make a soundmod ) +rep ... i will paste the link tomorrow

    Greetings from germany

    WIP - Arocs & New Actros SLT for ETS2

  4. Djey is offline Car Aficianado
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skepsis »
    Eleanor(fixed ignition pause)
    Perfect ! This is what I wanted to say about enhancing it.
    Well done!
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  5. madpioneer is offline <Hopelessly addicted>
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    Both are very well done!!
    CLK is going to come in handy, let me tell you.

  6. Skepsis is offline Sound Engineering Dorifta
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    Updated to V1.1(new idle)

  7. shark971 is offline Exoticar Driver
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    I take this idle sound of this video (second view)
    And he fit perfectly with your great sound thanks for this soundmod

  8. Saash is offline DaSaashMan in game
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    nice sound man i will use ur update now 1,1

  9. Skepsis is offline Sound Engineering Dorifta
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    Quote Originally Posted by shark971 »
    I take this idle sound of this video (second view)
    And he fit perfectly with your great sound thanks for this soundmod
    THX guyz!
    As for your request shark,I tried it,but that sound lacks some frequncies so it sounds odd compared to the rest of it ,and I as a musician know, if you haven't got 'em, you can't make 'em up(freq).
    Anyway, in the second video by that guy ,somewhere in the middle, as his friend is filming from within the car as they stop at the junction, you can hear that the idling sound from the cockpit sounds almost exactly as mine does in V1.1!

  10. WiLL_09 is offline Wanting,. TDU~ 2 for, Pc
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    Hi I wanted say that SOunds so Realistic, in Game for Me. Its just such a Joy about all the Hard Work you Guys Put Into your Projects! I Just wanted say THX! So Much Very Well Done & Sweet Please Make more for Other Cars and Maybe Bikes

  11. Reventon is offline Lamborghini Love
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    Awesome, Skep! I actually put the GT500 sound on my Off-Road G500, but nonetheless it sounds awesome!
    "When you're racing, it's life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting."
    -Steve McQueen

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